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How does the store configure craft beer equipment?

by:Trano     2019-12-30
Now it is different from the past. In the past, the brewing of beer was mostly operated manually, but now the brewing of beer requires certain beer production equipment, the craft beer equipment has been welcomed by many people. If it is a small shop, how to configure craft beer equipment? Beer equipment manufacturers-- Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. has brought two sets of plans for everyone. First, the last set of 500 liters of fine brewing beer equipment, with four fermentation tanks, the monthly output can reach about three tons, because lager's wine fermentation cycle is long enough to drink, about 20 days, four fermenters were used once a month, and only two tons of wine were used for all four fermenters, but the equipment was not cheap, about 150 thousand sets. However, according to insiders, it is not easy to use. There are many minor problems. If you want to have fewer minor problems, you have to buy some branded equipment, but the price is not cheap. You have to buy more than 200 thousand sets. There is also a pure electricity, to use three-phase electricity, have to be equipped with a professional factory, and add overhead, because the area is large, so the factory is at least two hundred square meters, the monthly rent of the two hundred-square-meter factory building is about 10 thousand, plus a worker for decoration and preliminary material purchase, at least 400 thousands or 500 thousands must be prepared. Second, with a pot of 100 liters of American classic three barrels, the advantage is that the output is not low, the price is cheap and affordable, but this depends on the degree of convenience. Craft beer equipment that can be produced by trano-- American three barrels, its pot is 130 liters, a pot of wine 100 liters, 5 hours can do a pot, two pots a day is 10 hours to complete, then it is equipped with a 200 liter fermenter. The above content is the configuration scheme of two kinds of fine brewing beer equipment recommended by beer equipment manufacturers for everyone, which is very practical for small shops that have just started their business, and everyone can grasp it at their discretion. : Beer equipment manufacturers craft beer equipment
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