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How much beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Beer making equipment how much the price of the equipment, the key size, the product quality, production factory, see what you do use, homebrew, probably a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of yuan. Traders made tens of thousands to tens of, building of thousands to millions of small breweries. 500 l of a set of about 120000 to 200000. Since how much beer equipment brewed beer equipment system is composed of saccharifying pot, ice water tank and fermentation tank, there are 200 l; 300 l; 500L; 1000 l; 2000L; Custom specifications, such as a larger volume. So prices tens to hundreds of thousands of home-brewed beer equipment system, is even higher. General 1 drag 3 single production of 200 l in 8. 50000 ( Ice water tank) The left and right sides. In order to solve the problems of the beverage is not enough to sell or broken wine, late after experience in good condition, subsequent increase in fermentation tank, become a drag drag 5, 1 6, yituo 8, etc; Or increasing the volume of equipment, 500 l; 1000 l; 2000L; And so on. A home-brewed set price range. If it's just use homebrew, a set of equipment down an average of 6000 yuan. Brewed if you are to do business with, the equipment capacity of more than 200 l, the price is about 50000. How much is the small beer machine equipment is small beer compared to Qingdao, and other large snowflakes, budweiser beer. Small beer is also called the craft beer, protoplasmic beer, do not add any additives, no filter, fresh beer containing active yeast. Both health and nutrition, referred to as liquid bread. Small beer has two kinds, according to the purposes are divided into homebrew and commercial. Homebrew can use life with POTS and other local materials, the production of beer. Can use jinan zodiac homebrew equipment production, homebrew equipment has 30 all-in-one and 50 litres all-in-one. Priced at around 30000. Production can meet their taste and entertaining friends and relatives. Commercial equipment generally choose 300 litres, 500 l, 1000 l and above. Company has a dedicated winemakers tailor equipment solutions for each customer. Beer equipment saccharification of relatively fixed, the number of fermentation tank can be adjust according to different production. 300 litres of equipment generally around 150000. Specific price depends on the configuration requirements. Also is 300 litres fermenter has high-end configuration and low-end configuration is different, the price differences.
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