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How much do you know about the cleaning methods of self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-24
Self-brewed beer refers to the beer brewed by itself with miniature beer equipment. Because it is brewed by hand, it is not brewed by industrial mass production, so it is called self-brewed beer, as the name implies, the self-brewed beer equipment is a kind of beer production equipment. How much do you know about it? Do you know how to clean the self-brewing beer equipment? Do you know any cleaning methods? Below, Shandong trano, a manufacturer of beer filling machines, will share it with you below. Cleaning and sterilization of self-brewed beer equipment is a key technical measure to improve the quality of beer sprinkling. Therefore, in the process of beer production, in addition to adopting the correct production process, it is necessary to properly and timely clean the self-brewed beer equipment, and regularly disinfect and sterilize it. The purpose of cleaning and sterilization of self-brewed beer equipment is to make all parts and equipment surfaces free of deposits and surviving creatures, thus ensuring the hygiene of beer production. The beer filling machine manufacturer said that the main equipment in the production process of the self-brewed beer equipment includes saccharification pot, gelatinization pot, boiling pot, Wort transition machine, cold wort conveying pipeline, drunk tank and wort cooler. , beer transition machine, drunk mother adding pump, beer conveying pipeline, cleaning and sprinkling tank, filling machine and various pipe fittings used in production, etc. Cleaning is to remove dirt on tanks, pipes and equipment surfaces of self-brewed beer production equipment as much as possible. If the cleaning and sterilization is not complete, the residual scale on the inner wall of the equipment and the reproduction of the emblem will weaken the effect of the fungicide. Yeast and protein impurities, hops and hops resin compounds and Beer stone, etc. , due to the effect of static electricity and other factors, these contaminants are easy to deposit on the surface of the self-brewed beer equipment, making the surface of the equipment rough, it also provides a place to live for the growth of Huisheng creatures. When washing, the emblem biological colony must be removed. Because the fungicide is suitable for surface sterilization, it has little effect on the living bacteria inside and is easy to cause secondary pollution. Is everyone clear about the cleaning method of self-brewed beer equipment introduced by Shandong trano, a beer filling machine manufacturer? The next time you need to clean the beer production equipment, you can test it according to the above method. I believe that you will not be disappointed. I hope that the above content will help you, it is recommended that you should pay attention to careful and cautious when cleaning the equipment, pay attention to the details, want to know more details, and pay more attention to the website dynamics.
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