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How much is a set of fine brewing beer equipment?

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Investment in brewed beer projects has always been hot at home and abroad. When you really understand the beer equipment, you find that the prices of the equipment are different. The result of the comparison is very confused, I don't know which one to choose. Today's small beer equipment manufacturers take 500L brewed beer equipment as an example to talk about the price. First, the characteristics of American 500L brewed beer equipment: 1. The saccharification system uses two devices and two bodies, and the saccharification, boiling, Rotary and sedimentation are realized as one pot. The filter tank is a single pot, but the filter tank is required to be heated. Export equipment will be equipped with a separate hot water tank; 2. Fermentation system foreign customers will require separate configuration of sake cans; 3. The heating mode of the whole set of equipment is mainly boiler heating or direct fire heating. The others are basically the same as the German configuration. Price of the whole set of equipment in China: 15-170 thousand yuan. Second, the German 500L brewing beer equipment is different from other equipment: 1. The saccharification system uses three-in-one, saccharification and boiling into one pot, and the other pot is two layers: the upper filter tank and the lower rotary sinking tank; 2. The refrigeration system has a separate ice water system. The ice water tank is added with a refrigerator to cool each system with ice water. The price of its complete set of equipment is 16- 18 million yuan, this price also depends on the market price of stainless steel, if the price fluctuation is large, the price of the equipment will also be adjusted. Three, 500L all-in-one machine craft beer equipment is different: 1, all saccharification processes are completed with one pot, the equipment is simple and covers a small area; 2. In order to reduce equipment investment, there is no separate configuration of ice water tank and refrigerator, nor traditional plate heat exchanger and other cooling equipment, but each fermentation tank is equipped with a separate small refrigerator; 3. After the whole set of equipment is simplified, compared with the traditional German or American equipment, the occupied area is greatly reduced. The price of 500L all-in-one machine is 8-100,000 yuan. If you want to know the configuration list of 500L brewed beer equipment, you can leave us a message or find customer service to get it for free!
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