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How sweet beer brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Sweet beer brewed beer equipment, beer flavour and colour and lustre and compare basic close, transparency is better than wheat essence dew and lattice gas, low concentration, taste sweet, colour and lustre is shallow, the characteristics of small bitter taste, low alcohol content. Very suitable for female friends to drink, especially not accustomed to the bitter taste of beer and more people are drinking alcohol. A, the pretreatment of the barley malt and rice, malt crushing should try to be less wheat skin shattered, no big powders in the skin. Shredded wheat skin more than 20 # screen should be accounted for 20%, meal 40 # screen above 50%. Powder in the 80 # screen above 15%, fine powder 80 # screen below 10%, m barley shattered the crushed the better, fine powder should be accounted for more than 40%. Second, the ratio. Malt 100%, water 500%, lactic acid 100 ml per 100 kilograms, hop 0. 2%, sugar 20%. Third, saccharifying methods ( 100% malt) 。 Adding malt to five times the amount of water and lactic acid ( Or hydrochloric acid) Adjust pH to 5. 5 - 5. 6, heating up to 50 ℃ keep 90 minutes, and then heat up to 65 ℃, 40 minutes, and then heat up to 78 ℃, 20 minutes, glycosylated end filter, the residual water filtration, the filtrate to merge, add white wine, sugar concentration in 8% (best after Hammer, BX) 。 Wash tank 75 - water Four times as large as 80 ℃, dosage of material weight. To join in the wort or 0 total mixed juice. 02 - 0. 05% of the hop extract ( With a 80 - 90° Hot water extraction) 。 Then put the wort boiling 90 minutes. Fourth, fermentation. Boiled wort to ChenDianDe, cooled to 50 - Around 60 ℃, precipitation 1 - 1. 5 hours. After clarification of the wort and cold to 10 ℃ or so. Add cold wort on yeast cylinder, add 0. 5% of the yeast or yeast mud, and then turn into fermentation tank, sterile air bubbled into first 10 minutes, the yeast breeding, then under the condition of no more than 13 ℃ fermentation before 98 hours. After the fermentation, fermentation medium available unitary MianBing filter two filter ( Filter pressure of 0. 8 - 1. 0 kg/cm2) To wine clear transparent. The filtered liquid cooling to 2 - 4℃( Use of refrigeration equipment, winter in the north to natural cooling) With carbon dioxide mixer in 4. 0 - 4. 5 kg/cm2 pressure, make wine juice mixed with carbon dioxide. Mixed filling, capping, sterilization, through inspection qualified packing and label, the factory. Sterilization, the water temperature is not high and low, in the 65 - 15-75 ℃ hot water sterilization 20 minutes.
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