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How the home brew beer yeast recycling

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Beer yeast recycling and storage must follow the principle that 'take out in time, low temperature preservation, short-term storage, single strain save' why yeast recycling? Inconvenience in domestic by yeast, the yeast total class is not much also relatively expensive, and if you want to use a liquid yeast, the cost is high. So the yeast recycling becomes a effective way to reduce costs. Recycling yeast it difficult? In fact, as long as pay attention to several points, recycling yeast can has a high success rate and not trouble. Foreign players adapted to the, if you want to control wine budget, yeast recycling can be tried, and Suggestions and yeast culture parallel. Preparation work, Yeast is bottled or barrels of a few days ago) : 2 - boiled 10-3 L of water, continue to boil 15 minutes, this step is to remove the water of oxygen. Cool boiled water, will be stored in a transparent jar. Prepare 4 - 6 pickles can the size of a small jar, advice directly buy a new one. Wash the dry and set aside. Bottled or end of a barrel ( Start preparing recycling yeast) : will finish after bottling or a bucket of yeast slag in the main fermentor, be careful not to pollution, please cover up and cover before you haven't started operation. At this time of the precipitate in fermentor, settlement after the yeast with hot cold slag (in the original wort trub) 。 At this time we will also is the purpose of the activity of healthy yeast and separate hot cold slag. Will be ready for a few days ago have cool boiled water into the barrel fermentation. Cover up and cover, seriously shaking the cold water and sediment mixing ( Be careful not to break the glass fermentor! ) Let stand for 10 - 20 minutes ( The move is to let a healthy yeast would be suspended in the water, cold and hot slag because of gravity, will sink pad on the bottom) Carefully put the most turbid liquid into the big glass jar has disinfection, note at the bottom of the left main fermentor sediment, don't fall over. Repeat shake, let stand for 10 - again 20 minutes ( Let a small amount of sediment with come over again separation) Take out your small glass pickles jar has disinfection. The big glass jar, partial pour into 4 - turbid liquid Six small pickles jar, also be careful not to pour into the sediment. Fast well, hold! Note to 'full' whole pickles jar, try not to leave any air at the top. The move means the same as with boiling water, yeast into dormancy, try not to let it come into contact with air. Cover up and cover quickly to mike pen write the total class and date yeast, throw into the fridge. Done! ! ! Check the next day, a day out you have ice small pickles jar, this time at the beginning of turbid liquid has become clear, there will be a layer of yeast at the bottom of the mat. This mat is baby into dormancy yeast. Entered hibernation reason is: no sugar yeast makes food. The refrigerator temperature is low. The water without oxygen. You are successful! In the future to yeast mat ( 酵母蛋糕) Start the yeast culture, and to enlarge, enough after the yeast population can bring wine! The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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