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How to avoid scratches on stainless steel beer kegs

by:Trano     2019-12-12
Stainless steel beer kegs have many advantages and are widely used in our lives, but in the production process we must avoid the stainless steel beer kegs being scratched, otherwise it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also its storage effect. How does it avoid scratching. 1. When preparing the raw materials, the stainless steel should be placed face to face or back to back. In addition, pay attention to the wear of the tool and whether there are burrs. 2. When performing zero-cut processing, you should first confirm whether it has scratches in order to check the quality of incoming materials. If it is scratched, it should be returned and cannot be processed. 3. When bending, first check whether there are impurities or foreign matter on the upper and lower molds and the sheet. If there is any, you cannot bend to prevent crushing. 4. When welding to zero cuts, the welding workbench should be kept clean and flat, without any foreign matter, and should be removed in time if any. 5. If the product needs to be re-laminated, it must be registered before operation. If there are scratches, they should be reported in a timely manner and handled in a timely manner without delay. 注意 In the process of processing stainless steel beer kegs, please pay attention to the content introduced above to avoid it being scratched, which will affect the quality of our products. In today's society, people often see beer kegs often, but when you use it, do you know what is the knowledge about pouring and drinking? Let me give you a detailed introduction. 1. Pour (1) Manual filling: first raise the handle of the wine dispenser to the extreme position, then push the inner groove of the bottom of the wine dispenser to the upper edge of the plate-type spear, push it firmly into place, and then press the handle of the wine dispenser to the lower limit Position, open the ball valve wrench, the liquor is injected by itself, and the gas in the barrel is controlled by the pressure-retaining check valve. When the pressure reaches 0.16MP, it will be automatically ejected from the exhaust nozzle until the liquor is ejected in the form of wine column. Indicate that the wine in the barrel is full. Close the ball valve immediately and lift the handle of the wine dispenser. (2) Automatic filling of beer barrels: When using the automatic filling machine, please refer to the manual of the automatic filling machine. 2. Out of wine Align the wine outlet valve with the wine outlet at the bottom of the barrel of the beer barrel, push it in and turn it right by 30 degrees, and lock it. The top opening wine outlet valve rotates its black handle clockwise. The liquor will flow out automatically. When the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the barrel is zero, the white venting knob (pressurizing button) at the center of the plate-type spear on the top of the barrel can be left-handed to release the wine. After the beer is poured, the top-opening wine dispensing valve can be rotated counterclockwise to turn the black valve handle; the toggle-type wine dispensing valve can be raised to restore the plate to be vertical, and the beer stops flowing out. If you do not release the wine for a long time, you can turn the white gas release knob (pressure holding button) on the top of the barrel to the right position, turn the wine valve out of the valve by 30 degrees, and then save it.
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