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How to choose beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-06-15
A full set of small beer equipment mainly consists of crushing system, saccharification, fermentation system, cooling system, main components such as cleaning system, control system, and a lot of accessories. According to the actual project requirements, can be equipped with water treatment equipment, filtration equipment after fermentation, wine equipment, air compressor equipment, laboratory equipment, sterilization equipment, filling equipment and so on. Small medium conventional yield 500 litres of beer equipment, 1000 l, 2000 l, 5000 l, 10 tons, 20 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, etc. Facility operation demand of beer brewing process, saccharifying tank and fermentation tank volume is often a 1:1 or 2-1. According to their own needs, different specifications and capacity of choose and buy a small beer equipment, craft beer house pub restaurant or bar, beer house, which we define as commercial wine, usually takes more than 500 l devices, according to the configuration of equipment in the 100000 - probably 300000 or more, this brew several fixed formula, usually because they sell in the store must ensure the unification of the taste. This kind of investment is suitable for people with experience of the hotel restaurant, because greater investment, of course, the corresponding risk is bigger also. Introduction to not just big investment. In some big cities, of course, be of good restaurant is not in the minority. Second, the small and medium-sized craft beer brewery as its name implies is specializing in the production of craft beer brewed fresh beer factory, according to the way of packing, delivery equipment capacity requirement, through the local network and sales channels such as offline store. Require a production license, the enterprise is not much, my company to distribution to the food and beverage outlets by way of fermentation tank small fresh beer factory, let consumers more convenient to drink fresh beer brewed. Accept the craft beer OEM OEM business, welcome consulting. Large and medium-sized beer production equipment is often used in small brewery project. Fresh beer are often used to brew the unique flavor of pure, after pouring barrels and bottling packing ChangDuanTu retail and wholesale. Three, small business daily output l - 100 Introduction to 300 l, less equipment investment, suitable for entrepreneurs. Has been in many cities quietly takes root. The above I said these are some of the status quo of the current domestic craft beer. Craft beer was introduced into China in recent years of accumulated precipitation, I believe that we are in the outbreak of the craft beer. If you are doing or ready to start doing craft beer, according to your own experience, money is choose to suit their own development model, to enjoy bonuses are craft industry development.
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