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How to clean beer production equipment?

by:Trano     2019-12-19
Beer production equipment is very common in life. It is officially because of these beer equipment that people can brew so much wine. The cleaning of beer equipment is also related to the quality of brewed wine, so the cleaning of beer equipment cannot be ignored. trano will share with you the cleaning methods of beer equipment: selection points of stainless steel beer production equipment: The biggest advantage of stainless steel is its insensitivity to acid and alkali. However, the inner wall of the container should be as smooth as possible to ensure thorough cleaning and easy removal of all residual dirt. In particular, attention should be paid to the grinding of welds when selecting equipment; Polishing of the inner wall. The premise of corrosion resistance of stainless steel is that its surface metal is pure and can form an inert layer. Therefore, protective gas welding must be used to avoid oxidation and physical or chemical passivation (Pickling). Stainless steel is not allowed to contact with other iron tools, because iron ions can cause corrosion of the fermentation tank cleaning: When the wine in the fermentation tank is empty, do not discharge carbon dioxide first. You can rinse it twice with water, so that there is no smell of wine in the jar. Before injecting alkaline water, carbon dioxide is discharged. The fermenter is soaked in alkaline water, and the liquid level must cover the position of the bubble cover regardless of the hot and cold of the alkaline water. The next time you make wine, use a pump to pump the alkaline water for circulation, then wash with water 3-4 times, 60 times each time-80 seconds. The sampling port must be opened when cleaning. After cleaning, close the sampling port. When taking the water pipe, you must develop a good habit of spraying alcohol on the sampling port and the link nozzle. When pouring alkaline water into the fermenter, the sampling port and the air outlet must be opened! ! ! Because there is carbon dioxide in the fermentation tank, if it is not opened, the alkali and carbon dioxide are neutralized, and the tank is easily vacuumed! ! ! Cleaning of hose of beer brewing equipment: most hoses are rubber pipes, which are dangerous connecting pipes. People are always used to infer their internal state from the outside of the hose, however, this is usually a big mistake. The internal requirements of the hose are very high and it is difficult to clean. Cracks and small damages inside are difficult to find and determine. The hose can only be cleaned with weak alkali: Oxidizing acids such as nitric acid and copper ions will accelerate the aging of the hose, so note that the hose and copper tube cannot be cleaned together. The quality of rubber varies greatly. Some rubber tubes will bring certain taste substances into beer, especially when their interior is damaged or aged. Therefore, people should check the food suitability of the pipes. In metal pipes, sealing materials shall be used at all screw tightening places. These sealing materials are as troublesome as hoses. Since they are in contact with beer, these materials must have legal purity and cannot bring in any substances that affect the taste of beer. Use of detergent for beer brewing equipment: the simplest and most convenient cleaning agent is water. Use detergent to clean containers and pipelines. Before cleaning, rinse with water to remove most of the dirt, and then wash with detergent to save the amount of detergent. After washing with detergent, rinse with water; If sterilization is required, after sterilization with sterilizing agent, rinse with sterile water; If the mixture is washed and sterilized, the cleaning and sterilization are completed once, and then rinsed with sterile water. Beer brewing equipment Beer stone removal: when it comes to cleaning, there is also a special case. Over time, all parts of the container that come into contact with beer will inevitably form a layer of Beer stone and become thicker and thicker. The rough surface of beer Stone provides the best shelter for miscellaneous bacteria. Therefore, beer stones must be removed regularly. The best substance to remove Beer stone is diluted nitric acid or phosphoric acid. The same beer production equipment is operated by different people, and the service life and the taste of the brewed wine are different. This is not only related to the yeast and the process, it is also related to the daily maintenance of beer production equipment. Therefore, we must do a good job of daily maintenance, so that we can better use beer equipment! : Beer production equipment
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