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How to implement the maintenance and renovation of beer filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-01-01
The goal of beer filling machine maintenance and renovation is mainly to diagnose and restore the faulty parts of the equipment. To do a good job in the maintenance and renovation of the filling machine, two kinds of analysis must be carried out first: whether it is technically feasible and economical. It also depends on the specific status and application value of the beer filling machine itself repaired and reformed; It is estimated from the input and output rate of the beer filling equipment, whether the investment can be recovered quickly and whether better benefits can be produced quickly; Preliminary Identification: if the documents such as the manual at hand are complete, the repair can be carried out according to the instructions by analyzing the materials, or the interface signal method can be used to identify the parts that may be faulty according to the fault phenomenon, then judge one by one according to the characteristics of the failure, and carefully check the key parts of the beer filling machine. The degree of mastery of various methods for judging fault points mainly depends on the degree of understanding of the structural principle of fault equipment. There is also the alarm mechanism: There are two kinds of system alarm processing and setting alarm and operation information processing. If an abnormal situation occurs in the beer filling machine, its display screen or operation panel will have a prompt message, warn the staff of where the problem is. This should be linked with the instructions and other documents for diagnostic maintenance. There is also the use of eyes, touch, power supply and other methods. When looking at it with your eyes, first look at whether the fuse is burned, whether there is any burning, cracking, unevenness, damage, etc. on the beer filling equipment, in this way, it is simple to judge whether there are a series of faults such as overvoltage and short circuit in the equipment. When touching, you should touch the components with your hand, especially if there are any small components on the board that are loose. Shake them gently to see if there are any welding problems. When powering on the source, use the ammeter to check whether there is any open circuit between the power supplies of each part. If there is no open circuit, then connect to the corresponding power supply to observe whether there is any abnormal situation, such as smoke, Sparks, outflow of liquid, pungent burning smell, etc. Then special diagnostic instruments can be used for diagnosis. There is also the method of replacing accessories, but this method must be carried out with certainty so as not to cause unnecessary economic losses and screen within the reduced fault range, replace the accessories that may be damaged one by one to find out the problem. The staff should keep some commonly used equipment accessories at hand and pay attention to the matching of models and versions after finding out the problem, in order to avoid inaccurate data calculation in the future, and mark the problem point around the problem point after repair, to prevent problems in the future, and use notes to record the repair process of the beer filling machine in detail. : Beer filling machine beer filling equipment
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