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How to maintain and prolong the service life of beer filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-02-17
In order to improve the efficiency of beer filling, beer manufacturers will use beer filling machines. However, many customers are not familiar with beer filling machines and have learned to operate beer filling machines, however, the daily maintenance of beer filling machine is often neglected. The correct use of beer filling machine can effectively prolong the service life. Of course, regular maintenance is also essential! Next, how to maintain and prolong the service life of beer filling machine? 1, when the filling machine for cleaning and maintenance. We all know that the filling machine is not a kind of product, so after filling a product, it is necessary to clean the residual substances in the filling machine in time, and clean the key parts of the equipment, water and cleaning fluid can be injected, and it can be started up and run once or twice. At the same time, the metering device should also be cleaned and smooth, otherwise it will affect the next product measurement, ensure the accuracy and safety of production. 2. The filling machine is regularly and comprehensively maintained and overhauled. In the process of using the machine, it is inevitable that some screws or equipment have shortcomings or faults, but it is easy to be ignored. Over time, our machines are prone to'One change makes all change' In order to avoid this kind of problem, we can regularly repair the machine, including the loosening of the screws, and some of the equipment aging or rust needs to be maintained in time. This can avoid some small problems affecting the use efficiency of the filling machine, regular maintenance and repair can also extend the service life of the filling machine! 3. Control the operating environment and material temperature of the filling machine. During the operation of the filling machine, the power supply voltage should be stable and the fluctuation range should be controlled within ± 15%, while the material temperature should be kept at 10℃-- 40 ℃, the working environment temperature should be kept at 5 ℃--40℃. If the temperature is too low, the mechanical parts of the filling machine may be difficult to operate. Because the material is basically liquid, if the temperature is too low, if it freezes in the machine, it will not only affect the efficiency, but also because of thermal expansion and cold contraction, icing will damage the internal equipment of the filling machine, thus shortening the service life of the filling machine, so the ambient temperature should be well controlled. 4. The operating crew of the operation filling machine is regularly trained. Because the filling machine is a professional filling equipment, the operator must have professional ability to use the filling machine efficiently, and use the filling machine correctly. If the professional quality of the personnel who operate the filling machine is not enough, it will not only affect the use efficiency of the filling machine, but also affect the service life of the filling machine if the filling machine is not operated properly. After using the beer filling machine for a period of time, it is easy to cause equipment wear and aging and even various failures. How to maintain the beer filling machine to prolong its service life must be paid attention!
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