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How to operate beer production equipment?

by:Trano     2020-01-05
First, the beer production equipment is not too strict with the voltage requirements, as long as the ordinary household voltage fluctuates within the specified range, it will not be affected. However, when the voltage of some home-brewed beer machines is unstable, they must be stopped and restarted after a few minutes. Second, the installed beer production equipment cannot be tilted, it must be kept in a vertical state, and it is not recommended to move frequently. If you must move, unplug the power plug first, stop the power supply, and keep it vertical when moving. Third, the beer production equipment also needs to be carefully maintained. Whenever the wine is stopped, unplug the power plug, turn off the switch of the carbon dioxide bottle, and turn the knob of the pressure gauge back. The best home-brewed beer machines are equipped with automatic temperature control equipment. Do not change them without authorization, otherwise they are prone to failure. If it is no longer used in a short period of time, put all the water in the machine, clean the outer wall, and place it in a dry place after packaging. Fourth, beer production equipment should be regularly checked and maintained with water tank water level and water quality. If necessary, it should be cleaned with special detergent and then washed with clear water. The motor cannot come into contact with water, so be careful not to splash water on the motor when you carry out maintenance. The tuyere of the condenser should be well ventilated, and if there are obstructions around it, it must be removed. If necessary, use high-pressure air to blow off dust, or combine with a brush to clean it. Also check the cleaning dispenser and the wine head frequently. If the sealing rubber ring is not elastic, it must be replaced. : Beer production equipment
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