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How to preserve the wine produced by the self-brewed beer production equipment?

by:Trano     2020-01-02
As we all know, the beer produced by the self-brewing beer equipment contains a certain amount of active yeast, and under certain conditions, the active yeast will undergo secondary fermentation, therefore, some methods are needed to preserve the wine produced by self-brewed beer. Do you know how to preserve the wine produced by this equipment? Next, Shandong trano, a beer production equipment manufacturer, will give you a brief introduction below, hoping to help you. 1. Suitable temperature beer has stricter temperature requirements than other beer without yeast. The temperature in the cold storage must be suitable and can have certain inhibitory effect. 2, the placement should be reasonable and neat, the placement time should not be too long, the beer produced by the self-brewed beer equipment should be stored in strict accordance with the production time and product types, so that the first disinfection is put into storage and then sold, be sure not to put it in the cold storage for too long. 3, can not be placed in the open air, beer can not be directly placed in the open air environment, in order to prevent sunlight and rain as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight. 4. Ventilation is very important. We said that if the ventilation conditions are not good, maybe I will deteriorate our labels. 5, the temperature is not less than 1. The temperature of 5℃ cannot be lower than 1. 5 ° C, not stored at low temperature for a long time, beer will freeze and become turbid when kept at low temperature for a long time. Affect the taste and quality of the wine. 6. The temperature in the place should not be too high. There are living yeasts in the fresh beer. Under the condition of high temperature, it is easy to rancidity and deterioration. Therefore, beer should be stored below 15 ° C, the temperature is about o ° C ventilation, shading. This can maintain the foam contained in the beer to a large extent. I believe that after reading the above introduction about the preservation method of the wine produced by the beer production equipment factory Shandong trano, I have a better understanding of the preservation method of self-brewing. I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone. I suggest you pay attention to the appropriate temperature and ventilation when preserving self-brewing, I hope everyone can drink healthy and delicious wine. : Beer production equipment
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