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How to protect reverse osmosis membrane of beverage filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-01-02
Reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics made by simulating biological semi-permeable membrane, and is the core component of beverage filling machine. It is the main equipment in the beverage filling machine. If the beverage filling machine works for a long time, the calcium and magnesium plasma in the water will adhere to the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, just like the rust in the kettle, blocking the membrane hole, seriously affect the effluent efficiency, so we need to add reverse osmosis scale inhibitor to protect the beverage filling machine. Xiao Zhao will give you a summary of the precautions for cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane scale, hoping to help everyone. There are two dosing methods for reverse osmosis membrane Scale Inhibitor. One is to directly add the medicine into the water tank or pool and send the medicine into the furnace along with the water supply system; The other is to use a medicine funnel to pour the medicine directly into the furnace. No matter which method is used, the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor should pay attention to the following matters when dosing: 1. The dosing box should be cleaned first for the first dosing. When cleaning, close the drain valve at the bottom of the dosing cabinet, open the drain valve after water injection cleaning to drain the water, and start dosing after cleaning twice. 2. Adjust the dosing stroke of the metering pump, and turn the metering pump stroke adjustment knob counterclockwise to the corresponding scale. 3. For dispensing, check and close the drain valve at the bottom of the dosing tank. According to the effective volume in the dosing tank and the actual working output of the metering pump, add the medicine from the adding port of the dosing tank, Open the inlet valve and dilute it to the highest liquid level scale, close the makeup valve. 4. Open the mixing motor of the dosing box, stir the medicine evenly, and stop the motor. 5. Open the inlet and outlet valves of the metering pump, open the metering pump switch of the beverage filling machine, and add the medicine before the security filter. After the RO is shut down, turn off the metering pump. 6. Regularly inspect the dosing system for leaks and solve them in time. 7, monthly record check cycle total water intake and dosage match. 8. Be careful not to exceed the maximum liquid level when replenishing water in the dosing box. Before adding reverse osmosis scale inhibitor drugs, hot water at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius for medicinal use shall be dissolved, and the beverage filling machine shall filter it. After adding drugs, attention shall be paid to controlling the boiler water index, with the pH value between 10 and 12, the total alkalinity is 6 to 26 mmol/L. Reverse osmosis Scale Inhibitor can reduce the pressure of reverse osmosis equipment. If the water contains a large amount of impurities and has not been treated with scale inhibitor, the reverse osmosis membrane is very easy to scale, which not only affects the normal operation of reverse osmosis equipment, but also affects its life. Therefore, in order to better make the reverse osmosis Scale Inhibitor play its role, the dosing operation is also very important. The above is the addition method and precautions of reverse osmosis Scale Inhibitor in beverage filling machine summarized by trano beer equipment manufacturer Xiao Zhao. If you need beer equipment, you 'd better choose trano beer equipment directly, shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a domestic manufacturing company specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of automatic packaging machinery products, inheriting advanced technology and building a strong brand in the beer equipment industry. :
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