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How to repair glass bottle beer filling machine, baiguan has a coup

by:Trano     2019-12-29
As we all know, glass bottle beer filling machine is a kind of beer production equipment, which is generally used in the beer industry. How much do you know about the maintenance tips of the filling machine? Next, Shandong trano, a beer barrel cleaning machine factory, will take you to the following to learn about it. 1. Before operating the filling machine, you should clearly understand the instructions of the filling machine, read the instructions first, and be familiar with the adjustment and use of the filling machine, when operating, you must strictly follow the instructions and pay attention to the details. The so-called Details determine success or failure. 2. Carry out regular repair and maintenance of the machine according to the instructions, wipe the body of the filling machine with oil, so that the body can be protected by oil layer as much as possible, so as to isolate air and avoid rust of the filling machine, this well protects the body of the filling machine and is also a way to prolong the service life of the glass bottle beer filling machine. 3. Check the machine frequently to see if the contact in various parts of the machine is good. Make sure that the electricity is normal and prevent the damage caused by incorrect electricity. 4. When a fault is found, we should turn off the power supply in time, press the emergency stop button when necessary, lift the cover after deflation, then turn off the voltage, check the cause and eliminate the fault. 5, pay attention to the cleaning of the hot frame sealing paint cloth, do not leave foreign matter on it, ensure that the glass bottle filling machine is as clean as possible, to avoid corrosion caused by the material leaving the inlet for a long time. 6. During the use of the filling machine, some small problems are inevitable. When we have problems with the filling machine, don't think about it yourself. We must find after-sales service, find a professional service team to repair our equipment. The above is the six-point maintenance trick of the glass bottle beer filling machine compiled by the beer barrel cleaning machine factory. Has everyone learned it? I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone. I suggest you regularly repair and maintain beer equipment to extend its service life as far as possible. : Beer filling machine
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