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How to reuse barrel beer kegs

by:Trano     2019-12-12
New Year's Eve, to say that the essential beverage of each household must be beer. Beer is cheap and the alcohol content is not very high. Therefore, it has become a popular adult beverage in the festival. Let's talk about the packaging of beer. There are also many types, such as glass bottles, cans, barrels, etc., and these containers that used to contain beer have also become exquisite and lovely treasures in the hands of diy masters. Today, what I want to talk about is barreled beer. How can the barrel be reused? Cutting and grinding tools such as chainsaws and canners. Decorative paint, cloth, etc. Methods / steps First, cut the top first, the cut is more suitable for diy. It is usually sealed, if you want to drink, you can open the tap on the bottom of the barrel to get the wine, so if you want to use this beer barrel to diy, you need to cut the top with a chainsaw or a tin Sharpen the edges so that they are beautiful and will not get into your hands. In addition, when cutting with tools, it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid injury. (2) The iron that has been cut on the top can be used to grow plants, such as succulents, flowers and so on. The cut-out tin wine barrel can be used as a flower pot. First, fill the barrel with soil, then plant the plant seeds into the barrel, and water it regularly every day. If you want to change the barrel flower pot, To make it more beautiful, you can paint the barrel or paint two oil paintings to dry, and you can also punch holes on both sides of the barrel and put in hemp rope to make a hanging orchid pot hanging on the railing or eaves. Thirty-three, you can make the cut tin wine barrel into a storage basket. If you desperately need a storage basket for odds and ends, then used beer kegs come in handy. Rinse the cut wine barrel first, then if you want to make it more beautiful, in addition to painting, you can use wool or old floral cloth to make a wine barrel cover. Tighten with elastic band or rope. Twenty-four, waste can also be diy trash cans, ice buckets, ashtrays and so on. The cut top can also be used as a trash can in the corner of the room; or when you go to the beach, fill it with ice cubes to make ice bucket straps, which can be used for iced drinks, ice cream, wine, etc. If the guests in the house often smoke, they can also put the waste metal wine barrels as an ashtray beside the coffee table, which is also not fun. Fifth, wooden wine barrels can also be made into pet nests, toy baskets, foot baths and other small furniture for home use. The wood is larger than the iron sheet, so it can be made into small furniture and placed in the home. After the wooden barrel is cut in half with a chainsaw, placing soft pillows, pet toys and other items inside the barrel becomes a small and cute pet bed. In addition, the top of the wine barrel can be cut off and used as a child's toy or as a footbath to soak the feet. 26. The tin beer keg can also be used as a lampshade. Put the cut iron beer barrel on the top and cover it with sewn denim or other fabrics, and then sew beautiful patterns or small dolls, colored buttons and other decorations on it, and then leave the idle ones in the home. Remove the old lampshade, and then attach the wine barrel lampshade. It looks good and stylish. 7. You can use wooden wine barrels to make beautiful and fun garden swings. Cut the wooden wine barrel into two halves with a cutting tool such as a chainsaw, then place cotton or cushions in one half of the wine barrel, then drill the sides of the wine barrel with a power drill, put it in a strong twine Just on the grape shed or swing rack in the yard, it will add a touch of childlike flavor to the yard. 28. The wooden wine barrel can be made into simple chairs and stools. Many people are willing to choose wooden furniture to use, because wood has high plasticity, is harmless to the human body, and looks good when finished. Therefore, some people have come up with the idea of ??diy furniture with wine barrels. In fact, as long as the waste wine barrel is cleaned, dried, and put on a cushion, it can be used as a chair, which is simple and convenient.
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