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How to solve the problem of inaccurate filling?

by:Trano     2020-02-12
How to solve the problem when the beer filling machine is dissatisfied with the filling of bottles? Some users reflect the dissatisfaction of filling machine after purchasing filling machine. What is the problem? The beer filling machine is easy to be used for various reasons, which may lead to the problem of insufficient filling of bottles. In response to this problem, the following are the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the beer filling machine manufacturers and the solutions: 1. The reason for the dissatisfaction of the beer filling machine: 1. The valve is not active, stuck, water valve not open; 2, back to tracheal small hole was water seal die bottle to head back to the poor; 3. The rubber at the contact part between the valve port and the bottle is damaged and the underwater flow is not smooth. Second, the beer filling machine appears to fill the bottle of the solution: 1, open the valve to check the spring and water valve rubber ring; 2. Is there any water diversion cap on the back air pipe? Check it and it can be adjusted up and down; 3. Replace the sealing rubber. The above points briefly introduce the solutions and measures for the beer filling machine to fill the bottle. Of course, the specific problems should be analyzed.
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