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How to solve the problem that the production equipment of beer filling machine does not produce materials?

by:Trano     2020-01-01
As we all know, any equipment will have some problems after a long time of use, and the beer filling machine in the beer production equipment is no exception. How much do you know about it? Do you know what solutions are available for beer filling machines? Is it not clear? Below, everyone goes with Shandong trano, a beer barrel cleaning machine manufacturer, to see below, hoping to help everyone. 1. Check whether the filling liner is blocked and blocked. There are two types :(1) There are sundries in the product, which are stuck on the inner piston, resulting in poor sealing effect. In the above two situations, please clean it in time to avoid damage to the piston. (2) The machine was filled in the last time, and it was not cleaned for a long time, which caused the product inside the liner to solidify and block the liner. If the above two situations still cannot solve the problem, the sealing ring on the inner liner piston has been damaged, please replace it, and the part that sends the product to the filling nozzle under the Hopper is called the inner liner. 2. Before use, clean the hopper and add beer. 3. Check whether there are any products in the hopper. Please do not add them. Note: The products in the hopper cannot be less than. If the products are filled less than, the accuracy of filling will be affected. 4. After adding the product, press the manual joystick until the product can normally come out of the filling nozzle. 5. After the product can come out normally, start to adjust the filling amount. There is a plastic nut under the hopper. The clockwise twisting filling amount becomes smaller, and the opposite is larger. Adjust to the filling amount you need, you can start working. I believe that after reading the five major solutions to the failure of the beer production equipment filling machine introduced by Shandong trano, the beer barrel cleaning machine manufacturer, we have a better understanding of the beer production equipment, I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone, and I suggest you carry out regular maintenance to extend its service life as far as possible. : Beer production equipment
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