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How to use the beer saccharification of equipment equipment?

by:Trano     2020-06-16
Summer has come, come and drink beer on draft together! Monofilament beer saccharification equipment of equipment do you know how to use? Here take a look at the beer saccharification equipment of equipment use: with the increase of demand for Chinese beer, domestic beer equipment many varieties, a small set of equipment, including saccharifying system, fermentation system, filtration systems, packaging systems, etc. Saccharification equipment is used more by the mash copper, mash tun sedimentation tank, filter tank, boiling pot and cyclotron combination of multiple saccharification equipment. Mash copper specifications and structure and mash tun. But with the promotion of technology, improve domestic some beer equipment continuous research and development, also has obtained the good result, small beer equipment is mainly used in hotel, entertainment, bars and other places, the saccharification equipment with two, three, four, five, etc. , here small make up to you to introduce the beer saccharification equipment of the equipment. After saccharification, should as soon as possible to separate barley wort and worse, in order to get clear and high yield of wort. Wort filtration is divided into two steps: one is based on wheat bad filter layer, the use of filtering method to extract the wort, said the first extract or filtering wort) ; The second is to use hot water to rinse out the residues in wheat bad wort, said the second wort extract or washing. Wort filtration filter tank is the most commonly used method. Are installed in the filter tank with filter sieve plate and plow knife, trough body and a number of pipes, valves and pumps circulating filtration system, make use of the liquid column static pressure as the power filter. Another is, in addition to static pressure filter and filter press filter, the mash pressure, so as to get clear of the wort. The factors influencing wort filtration velocity has the following points: ( 1) The more the greater the wort viscosity, filtration velocity is slow; ( 2) The greater the filter layer thickness, the filtration rate is low; ( 3) Filter layer resistance is big, is slow. The resistance of the filter layer size depends on the size of the hole diameter, the length of the channel, and bending, and porosity. Filter layer resistance is determined by the filter layer thickness and filtration layer permeability. ( 4) Crushing effect is bad to also affect the filtration velocity, grinding is too thin, increase difficulty of filtering, filtering speed is slow. Beer equipment let you have the unique, so for beer equipment you should understand! Want to customize and buy beer equipment, micro beer brewed beer equipment, equipment, etc. Welcome to our company, our company is specialized is engaged in the beer equipment production.
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