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Jinan draft beer factory bankruptcy transfer, can you drink Baotu Spring Beer next year?

by:Trano     2020-02-23
On November 24, 2017, Jinan Beer Group Corporation (Jinan Beer group for short) An announcement was issued at Shandong property rights trading center to hold Jinan Baotuquan Pure Fresh Beer Co. , Ltd (For short, Jipi is pure and fresh)64. 55% equity listing transfer, Price 97. 160,000 yuan. Seeing the above news, we expressed our deep regret. In the hot summer, it is a perfect match for drinking beer. In the small aspect, it is a summer heat, and in the big aspect, it is a unique nightlife, however, as to whether the beer can be drunk as mentioned above, the answer is no problem. Jinan has a lot of beer production equipment and hand-brewed beer, such as Shandong trano, it specializes in the production of beer equipment, and the beer produced by its beer equipment is also very good. Let us know why Shandong trano beer equipment has this advantage. 1. The raw materials for brewing, we say that most of the wine is produced by the fermentation of some raw materials for brewing, and the same is true for the production of beer by self-brewed beer equipment, but his materials are very exquisite, the raw materials are all from Germany and Australia, Australia high quality barley malt, German hops, do not add any other accessories, in strict accordance with the German pure beer brewing method, carefully brewed. 2. Rich nutrition beer produced by self-brewed beer equipment is rich in protein, various vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other metal and nonmetal ions, and is an essential nutrient for human body; The wine has high fermentation and low residual sugar, so you don't have to worry about getting fat after drinking for a long time. 3. The production process of pure draught beer with good color, aroma, taste and taste is carried out in a fully enclosed aseptic system without the need for pasteurization in bottled beer production, in this way, the destruction of heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins in beer is avoided, and its rich nutrition and fresh taste are kept to the maximum extent. The wine has a variety of colors of green, yellow, brown and black. The foam is white and delicate, the taste is pure, and the hanging Cup is lasting. It can be said that the color, aroma and taste are excellent. 4. Abundant carbon dioxide carbon dioxide is the soul of beer. As the wine body is directly shot from the tank, the temperature of the wine is low, and without complicated processes such as filtration and sterilization, carbon dioxide overflows less, can maintain the carbon dioxide content for a longer time. The above are the advantages of self-brewed beer equipment, but the beer brewed by different beer production equipment is still slightly different in taste, so you should polish your eyes when choosing, take quality as the primary goal, and original beer, with delicious skewers, to be a hospitable Shandong people.
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