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Juice beverage filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-26
Product Introduction juice filling machine can fill the following liquid substances ( Soda, cola, fruit juice, juice, milk tea, wine, tea, milk)Widely used in the beverage industry. The material contact part is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is safe, hygienic, and is composed of two kinds of packaging forms: bottled and export. Beverage filling machine adopts card bottleneck bottle feeding technology to avoid secondary pollution of bottle mouth. The machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation. Principle features 1. The product is simpler and more convenient in terms of operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance, etc. 2. The design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, and the filling quantity is easy to adjust. 3. The machine has two synchronous filling heads, which can fill materials quickly and accurately. 4. Optical eye device, PLC and touch screen electrical components are adopted. 5, the use of anti-drip, anti-high bubble filling system, to ensure that the product does not leak, save costs. Technical parameters filling speed: 60- 100 bottles/min filling accuracy: ≦ ± 220/110 power supply: 50/60 V Hz air pressure: 0. 6-0. 9MPa current: 3A power: 500W delivery length: 2000 machine appearance: 2000 ×2200 ×900 filling range ml 5-60 10-125 25-250 50-500 100-1000 250-2500 500-5000 optimal filling range ml 25-60 50-125 100-250 200-500 300-1000 500-2500 1000- 5000 company introduction, Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a professional supplier of juice beverage filling machinery. The company has many years of production experience and high-end technology, and constantly innovates and perfects its own products, it has a high reputation in the filling machinery industry. The company produces equipment: beverage filling machine, beer filling machine, Liquor filling machine, yellow wine filling machine, juice filling machine, etc. The company continuously produces products that are more suitable for users according to market demand, bringing maximum economic benefits to customers. We always put our customers first and serve our customers in all directions. :
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