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Liquid filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-29
Liquid filling is an important part of packaging, mainly including liquid filling is an important part of packaging, it mainly includes the packaging of beer, beverage, dairy products, white wine, wine, vegetable oil and condiment in the food field, as well as the packaging of chemical liquid products such as washing daily chemicals, mineral oil and pesticides. A considerable part of liquid filling machinery is used in the food industry, especially in the beverage manufacturing industry. Filling machines are widely used in filling soda, beer, fruit juice drinks and other products in the food industry. There are many models and specifications, and according to the conveying form of packaging containers, they can be divided into two categories: rotary type filling machine and linear filling machine. Rotary filling machine generally adopts continuous filling form, that is, the packing container automatically completes the filling action during operation, so its working efficiency can be designed very high. The linear filling machine is generally of intermittent action type. When the packing container runs to the filling part, there is a stop action waiting for filling. Its efficiency is lower than that of the rotating machine, but the filling is stable and not easy to overflow, the packaging quality is easier to guarantee, and its structure is simpler than that of rotating models.
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