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Liquid packaging machine of boot need to prepare what?

by:Trano     2019-12-25
Liquid packaging machine of boot need to prepare what? Many friends don't know this problem. Because of this, this chapter of beer filling machine will tell you about it, hoping to help you. 1. Start-up preparation (1). Operators must understand and master the operating instructions of the machine and be familiar with the performance, operation and adjustment methods of the machine. (2) strictly check the institutions before starting the machine (Figure 2) Whether the position is correct, whether the movement mechanism is flexible, whether the fasteners and connectors are loose, remove and wipe off foreign matters, oil stains and dust from various parts. (3) adjust the support screw 1 so that the four casters on the frame 2 are separated from the ground and the packaging machine is in a horizontal stable state. (4) connect the liquid supply pipeline of the high-level material tank with the liquid inlet pipe 14 of the packaging machine with a plastic hose, and tighten both ends of the hose with pipe clamps. (5) connect the power cord 25 of the packaging machine to AC220V, 50Hz, and have a good and reliable grounding device. (6), the packaging film 23 is placed in the middle of the film roller 24, according to the direction of the film in Fig. 2, it passes through each guide roller, the hot coding machine bracket, the photoelectric switch film holder, the adjusting guide roller 18, the shaper 10, and the film roller 6. (7), the connection, inspection and adjustment of the air source, the air supply pipe and the air inlet joint 2 on the pneumatic joint of the packaging machine are connected (Figure 2) After lifting the two-piece pressure regulating knob 1, turn it counterclockwise to close. Start the air compressor until the pressure reaches 0. After 7MPa, open the air supply pipe valve and rotate the pressure regulating knob 1 on the two-piece clockwise until the pointer of barometer 3 points to 0. Press the knob after position 65MPa. (8) replace the word grain of the production date or batch number of the print head of the hot printer, install it to the required production date or batch number, and check whether the printing ribbon is used up ( Type installation and ribbon replacement methods see thermal printer 'with instructions). The above is the explanation of the preparation of the liquid packaging machine by the beer filling machine company. Can you understand our explanation? More information is available on our official website. :
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