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New technology in brewing of miniature beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-28
When it comes to eating and drinking, then our topic will never be finished. Some people like to eat and drink very much, but they like to eat and drink instead of knowing how to eat and drink, and they will enjoy eating and drinking. For example, drinking beer. Of course, there are many ways to brew beer with miniature beer equipment. The following trano packaging series has compiled six new technologies for beer brewing: 1. High mash fermentation: it was applied to production since 1967. It is a method of fermenting high-concentration wort and then diluting it into finished beer with a specified concentration. 2. Rapid fermentation: by controlling the fermentation conditions, on the basis of maintaining the original flavor, the fermentation period is shortened, the equipment utilization rate is improved, and the yield is increased. 3. The process control conditions of rapid fermentation are as follows: the aim is to greatly shorten the fermentation period. In essence, it is to overcome the problems of strain variation and miscellaneous bacteria pollution, and it is a faster continuous fermentation process. The results achieved are: Pre-fermentation from 5 ~ of the traditional method ~ The 10th is shortened to 1 day, and it can run continuously and stably for 3 months. 4. Cylindrical cone open-air fermentation tank: it has been used in production since 1966. Its main advantages are: it can shorten the fermentation period, save investment, recover CO2 and yeast easily, and is conducive to automatic control. At present, it is very common for a single tank with a volume of 600Kl, and the material is generally stainless steel. 5. Development of pure draft beer: With the success of sterilization filtration and aseptic packaging technology, pure draft beer that can be preserved for a long time without pasteurization has been developed since 1970s. Because of its good taste, it is very popular with consumers. At present, pure draft beer in some countries accounts for 50% of the total beer production. 6. Development of Low-alcohol, non-alcohol beer: a refreshing drink for car drivers, women, children and the elderly. It is characterized by low alcohol content. The alcohol content of alcohol-free beer is generally 0. 5 ~ 1%, rich in foam, light and cool in taste, with good hops flavor, maintaining the characteristics of beer. The above is the new technology in the brewing of micro beer equipment. Jinan Shendong Equipment Technology Co. , Ltd. will continue to innovate and introduce new beer brewing technology to meet everyone's needs. : Miniature beer equipment
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