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Newcomer operation beer filling machine is the operation specification that should be paid attention

by:Trano     2019-12-26
With the continuous development of intelligent products, the self-inspection of beer filling machine is bound to be more perfect. Engineers working in the workshop will use their own experience to deal with problems to a large extent, and a novice in the use of the filling machine should understand the operation precautions and operation specifications of the filling machine. What are the operating specifications of filling machines in daily production? Workshop and machine voltage and grounding wire, reset of air compressor, inspection and cleaning of delivery pipe. The above seems to be some small details, but it can affect the determinants of production operations. With the further integration of intelligence, the self-inspection of beer filling machine is bound to be more perfect. From the above points, it is not difficult for us to draw the operation specifications of beer filling machines in daily production: 1. In production, we should regularly inspect and observe the mechanical parts to see if the rotation and lifting are normal and whether there are any abnormalities, whether the screw is loose or not; 2, check the equipment ground wire, contact requirements are reliable; Always clean the scale; Check whether there is air leakage in the pneumatic pipeline and whether the air pipe is broken; 3, reducer motor replace lubricating oil every year (Fat)Check the chain tightness and adjust the tension in time; 4. If it is stopped for a long time, the materials in the pipeline should be emptied; 5, do a good job of cleaning and sanitation, keep the surface of the machine clean, often remove the accumulated material on the scale body, pay attention to keep the electric control cabinet clean; 6. The sensor is a device with high precision, high sealing degree and high sensitivity. It is strictly prohibited to impact and overload. It is not allowed to contact during the working process. It is not allowed to disassemble without maintenance. Thanks to the development of science and technology, beer filling machines now have visual inspection reports with automatic inspection functions, which can be understood by operators who have received simple training normally. In addition to basic chip detection, attention should be paid at all times. According to the above operating specifications, I believe you will definitely operate the beer filling machine in a standardized way to improve your working efficiency. : Beer filling machine
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