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Performance Characteristics of Haizhi beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-14
Beer Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a company that produces beer filling machinery for the beer industry. The beer filling machine produced by the company is an ideal filling equipment for beer manufacturers. This series of filling machines have full functions, with the characteristics of high degree of automation, beer filling machine adopts liquid self-flow filling, which has a wide application range and many bottle types, and is a good beer filling equipment. Performance Characteristics of beer filling machine: 1. Beer filling machine adopts high-quality stainless steel square tube rack and stainless steel wire drawing plate, with compact structure, beautiful appearance and novel design; 2. Anti-drip design of discharge nozzle, high filling precision and accurate measurement. 3. When filling the beer filling machine, the liquid flows down along the bottle wall in an umbrella shape, effectively avoiding the foam caused by the impact of the liquid during filling and preventing the liquid from overflowing; 4, the beer filling machine adopts PLC system control, the filling process is stable and reliable, equipped with overload, emergency stop protection; 5, beer filling machine PLC intelligent control filling quantity, control accurate, stable, convenient and fast adjustment; 6. The filling range of this machine is large, the filling quantity can be adjusted within a certain range, and can be customized beyond the range; 7. The beer filling machine adopts electricity, and the gas phase is fully automatic control and operation, which greatly improves the stability of the machine operation; 8. The filling valve of beer filling machine is easy to disassemble and easy to clean; 9, automatic counting function, effectively control the filling quantity. The above is the performance characteristics of beer filling equipment produced by beer Equipment Co. , Ltd. The company is a professional beer filling machine manufacturer!
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