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Pollution and cleaning method of reverse osmosis membrane module

by:Trano     2020-03-01
The reverse osmosis membrane module pollutes the reverse osmosis membrane after a period of normal operation, the reverse osmosis membrane module will be polluted by suspended substances or insoluble substances that may exist in the water supply, such as carbonic acid scale, calcium sulfate scale, metal oxide scale, Silicon Deposition and organic or inorganic deposits. The nature and speed of pollutants are related to water supply conditions. Pollution develops slowly. If measures are not taken early, pollution will damage membrane module performance in a relatively short time removal of pollutants removal of pollutants can be achieved by chemical cleaning and physical washing. Therefore, after the general RO system runs every day, it uses the method of physical washing, that is, low-pressure operation for 15 minutes to remove the floating scale on the membrane surface, but when one of the following phenomena occurs, reverse osmosis membrane modules generally require chemical cleaning. 1. Under normal pressure and temperature, if the water flow of the product drops to more than 10% of the normal value. 2. Under the condition that the working pressure and the conductivity of the influent are unchanged, the water conductivity of the product is more than doubled compared with the initial use. 3, working pressure and concentrated water pressure difference than the initial use of more than double. 4, long-term shutdown, before storage.
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