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Precautions for use of edible oil filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-28
Usage of edible oil filling machine and its installation precautions: Edible Oil filling machine now generally adopts flowmeter filling method. Edible oil has relatively unique characteristics and strict requirements on filling machine, the precision requirement of the filling machine is relatively high, so the edible oil filling machine is generally equipped with a temperature tracking system to maintain the stability of the metering accuracy. I. When using the filling machine at ordinary times: 1. The filling machine must be placed on the ground and grounded when it is used; 2. Before starting to use the filling machine, be sure to turn the machine with a hand handle to see if the rotation is normal, and check whether there are sundries in all working areas; 3. When the filling machine is filling materials, the bottle cap of the filling material bottle should be equal to the size of the material bottle mouth; 4. When the filling machine is running, the operator is strictly forbidden to put the hand or other parts into the operation area of the filling machine; 5. The filling machine should not let the filling cylinder have no materials when filling materials; 6. After the filling machine is used, the machine should be cleaned. When cleaning, the power supply should be cut off. Do not use water to clean the electric cabinet; 7. In the process of use, if the operator finds that the filling machine has a fault, it should seek professional maintenance personnel in time, and must not repair blindly; 8. Keep the filling machine clean and regularly lubricate the important parts of the filling machine to prevent the filling machine from failing or rusting. Second, in the installation of filling machine must pay attention to the following matters: 1. When installing the filling machine, first check whether the machine sent by the manufacturer is in good condition and whether there are relevant installation instructions: 2. Take out the parts of the machine and install them according to the diagram in the instruction manual. During the installation process, screw them carefully to avoid accidents and damage the machine; 3. After installation, check whether each part is loose, and turn the machine with a shaking handle to check whether the machine is running normally; 4. After normal operation, add lubricating oil at each lubrication point of the machine, and plug in the power supply to debug the machine.
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