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Preservation method of beer produced by self-brewing beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-17
It is well known that the beer produced by the self-brewing beer equipment contains a certain amount of active yeast, so we say that the active yeast will undergo secondary fermentation under suitable conditions, for this reason, some necessary conditions are needed to preserve self-brewed puree beer. It is necessary to determine the specific conditions according to the characteristics of beer. 1. Beer produced by puree self-brewing beer equipment shall be stored in a fermentation tank, a wine selling tank or a wine storage tank. This tank is required to be capable of temperature control and pressure control. If the temperature is too high and exceeds the sleep temperature of yeast, the fresh yeast in beer will undergo secondary fermentation, which will affect the flavor and quality of beer. If the pressure is too low, it will affect the killing force of beer, because the dissolution of carbon dioxide in beer is not only related to temperature, but also related to pressure, therefore, the storage of puree beer must strictly control the temperature and pressure. 2. The environmental requirements of puree beer are stricter than those of other beer without yeast. Fermentation tanks, sake tanks, wine selling tanks, etc. must be strictly disinfected before and during use to ensure sterility. The nozzle must be disinfected with alcohol before use, and the bacteria should be placed to affect the taste of beer. 3, puree beer can not be directly placed in the open environment, in order to prevent sunlight and rain as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight. In fact, the solubility of carbon dioxide contained in beer varies with the temperature. The appropriate temperature can balance the various components of beer at about 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, beer gives a taste. The above is the preservation method of beer produced by the self-brewed beer equipment introduced for everyone. Do you understand through the above introduction? In the world of beer and beverage, our customers are no longer satisfied with the traditional production process and taste, and seek innovation and refinement in the process; In the pursuit of fashion and variety in taste, customers want to be regarded as unique individuals and obtain products that can help them stand out. : Self-brewed beer equipment
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