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Principle and working principle of full-automatic filling machine-Industry News-Mineral water-Pure water equipment-Bottled water-Beer filling machine-Full

by:Trano     2020-03-02
The working principle of full-automatic filling machine, high-precision liquid quantitative filling machine-- It is a mechanical rotary type, normal pressure filling, counting by measuring cup, and the filling valve adopts fully enclosed and fully automatic type. It is an empty bottle transmitted from the bottle conveying line. Through the feeding wheel mechanism, send no empty bottle to the turntable accurately, and the empty bottle will rotate immediately. At the same time, the empty bottle will be held up by the soft support mechanism, and the bottle mouth will be opened automatically after contacting the filling valve for filling and filling, the bottle is automatically pulled out and enters the bottle line, and the whole process is over. The machine is equipped with automatic protection device, such as the emergence of card bottle phenomenon, the machine will automatically stop to protect the safety of man-machine. 1. PLC failure PLC failure mainly includes Relay Contact adhesion of output point. If this point controls the motor, the fault phenomenon is that the motor runs after a signal starts the motor, but the motor does not stop running after the stop signal is sent out. The motor stops running only after the PLC power failure. If this point controls the solenoid valve. The fault phenomenon is that the solenoid valve coil is continuously powered and the cylinder is not reset. If external force is used to strike PLC to separate adhesion points, it can assist in judging the fault. There are two maintenance methods for PLC output point failure. The more convenient one is to modify the program with a programmer, modify the damaged output point to a standby output point, and adjust the line at the same time. If the 1004 point of the control solenoid valve is damaged, change it to the 1105 point of the standby point. The programmer can find 1004 points of relevant statements, keep (014)01004 is keep (014)01105. If the 1002 point of the control motor is damaged, change it to the standby point 1106, and modify the 1002 point related statement out0102to out01106, and adjust the line at the same time. If there is no programmer, the more troublesome second one can be adopted. Remove the PLC and disassemble the PLC to remove the output relay of the spare point and change it to the damaged output point. Then install according to the original line number. 2. Proximity switch fault filling machine packaging machine has five proximity switches. Three are used for knife protection and two are used for controlling the upper and lower film release motors. Which is used to control the knife protection, occasionally one or two misoperation. It will interrupt the normal operation process, and due to the small number of failures and short time, it will bring certain difficulties to the analysis and elimination of failures. The cause of the failure is that the melting knife is in the process of falling. Did not encounter the package. However, if the lifting position proximity switch of the melting knife loses its signal, the melting knife will automatically return upward just like the knife guard board touching the packaged object. The fault maintenance method can install a switch of the same type in parallel with the fuse knife lifting proximity switch, and the double switches work in parallel to improve its reliability. 3, magnetic switch fault magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder and control the stroke of the cylinder. The four cylinder actions of stacking, pushing, pressing and melting knife are interrelated, and magnetic switches are used to detect and control their positions. The fault is mainly manifested as the subsequent cylinder does not act, the reason is that the cylinder speed is faster, resulting in the magnetic switch can not detect the signal. If the speed of the push bag cylinder is too fast, after the push bag is reset, the pressure bag and the melting knife cylinder will not move. 4, solenoid valve failure, solenoid valve failure is mainly manifested in the cylinder does not act or does not reset, the reason is that the cylinder solenoid valve can not change or blow gas. If the solenoid valve drips air, the air pressure of the machine cannot reach the working pressure and the knife beam cannot rise in place due to the connection of the air passage. Knife beam protection proximity switch does not work, the prerequisite for the operation of the whole machine is not established, the machine can not run, which is easily confused with electrical failure. There is a sound of air leakage in the solenoid valve. Listen carefully to the sound source and search for the air leakage point by hand. Generally, it is easy to find the solenoid valve of the air leakage. The maintenance method is to clean the solenoid valve and replace the damaged sealing ring. If it is really impossible to repair, replace the solenoid valve.
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