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Problems existing in beverage filling machine in China

by:Trano     2019-12-17
China's consumption level is gradually improving. Due to the improvement of the quality of life, the more and more beverages are consumed, the market demand cannot be met at present. Beverage filling machines cannot quickly improve the production progress in China, and there are many problems. For example, the manufacturing level of beverage filling machine equipment in foreign countries is very high. We can learn from their technologies to improve our own filling machine equipment and narrow the gap between China and foreign countries as much as possible, make China's filling machine integrate into the world's advanced industries as soon as possible. Foreign beverage filling machines are mainly characterized by multi-function, high output and speed, high technical content, etc. For example, the same machine abroad can fill different kinds of products, and the filling settings can be adjusted at will according to different products, which can not only reduce the production cost of enterprises, it can greatly save time and improve production efficiency. Some high-speed, high-yield machines have very high filling speeds, the highest filling speed can reach 2000 filling/min, and the efficiency is very high; The full-line automatic control and electromechanical integration adopted abroad not only have complete online detection devices and metering devices, but also can automatically detect various parameters and measure accurately, and their equipment integrates high and new technology of machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism, and such products are constantly emerging. Therefore, if China's beverage filling machine wants to enter the advanced enterprise, it must first consider the customer and try its best to achieve high quality and low consumption, so as to be welcomed by the customer and take the customer's interests as the starting point, in order to reduce customer costs as the starting point, high-speed, stable production efficiency as the purpose, combined with today's advanced science and technology, do their best to produce perfect beverage filling machine for customers, in this way, not only has the filling machine been greatly improved, but also great benefits have been brought to both sides. :
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