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Product parameters and configuration of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-15
For people who buy beer filling machines, the product parameter configuration and other information of beer filling machines must be clearly understood before purchase. Next, we will introduce the product parameters and configuration of beer filling machines, teach everyone to understand the parameter configuration of filling equipment products! Detailed introduction of product parameter configuration of beer filling machine: 1. This type of beer filling machine is applied to the filling, sub-packaging and metering of liquid materials such as beer, barreled wine, large barrels of water and wine. 2. The beer filling machine is mainly composed of magnetic cylinder, oil cylinder and electrical control components. It has the advantages of simple overall structure, small occupied area and easy operation; 3. This type of beer filling machine adopts the quantitative Cup structure, and the cylinder drives the cylinder piston to move repeatedly to fill the beer into the bottle quantitatively, with high quantitative accuracy and fast filling speed; 4, two-speed filling, first fast and then slow, to prevent material overflow when it is full. Other parameter configuration: number of filling heads: 3 production capacity: 200- 300 times/hour/Head, filling capacity: 2--7/L 0. 2-- 3 L operating voltage: 220/360V air source pressure: 0. 5-0. 7Mpa overall dimensions: 800 x698 ×1390mm
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