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Pull cover brush barrel machine

by:Trano     2020-02-29
In order to meet the needs of the vast mineral water plants and mountain spring water plants, the complicated empty barrel treatment process has been changed to simple automation. The water treatment equipment factory of Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Nancheng Machinery Co. , Ltd. has introduced and absorbed the advanced technology of painting barrels and pulling covers at home and abroad, and combined with the actual situation of existing manufacturers and the requirements of drinking water industry management, TN series brush barrel Puller has been developed. The equipment has reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. TN series lid pulling and barrel brushing machine adopts 25× 25mm stainless steel square tube welding frame, transmission mechanism, pneumatic reversing capping mechanism, electrical control and water tank spraying. It has the characteristics of smooth wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Features: 1. It integrates brushing, internal washing and external washing. The three working conditions are completed in the same cycle, saving time, labor and electricity. 2. Water supply mode. Users can reasonably select circulating water supply, non-circulating water supply and double water supply modes according to their needs. 3. The scrubbing effect is good. This machine is suitable for all-round and effective scrubbing of the inner and outer walls of the barrel. 4. The operation is simple. Only one door opening and closing operation is needed to complete the whole scrubbing process. 5. Pay attention to the power supply mode of this machine. N is the zero line. After the power supply is connected, the water tank is filled with water to confirm the rotation direction of the motor. Then turn on the panel power switch, and then turn on the flap to test run. 6. The lid-pulling and barrel-brushing machine is suitable for the separation of the lid and barrel of 3-gallon and 5-gallon drinking water recovery barrels. The separated barrel cover has no wear and deformation, and can be reused after disinfection, thus improving the utilization rate of the barrel cover. This machine is powered by air pressure and is safe and reliable. The rated air source pressure is 0. 5Mpa/㎝ 2, air intake ≥0. 1m 3/min, the cover pulling rate is 200 ~ 300/hour. Turn on the air source, turn the recycling barrel upside down, insert the barrel opening into the pull-out head, then step on the foot switch, the barrel cover can be pulled off, and slide out from the chute.
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