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Raw materials used in beer production by beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-06
In Jinan, drinking iced beer with skewers in summer is a scenery on the streets, but do you know how beer is produced? What is its raw material? In fact, beer production equipment is now a necessary machine for some beer manufacturers. The main raw materials used in the production of beer are barley, hops, water and yeast, the quality of these raw materials determines the quality of beer produced. Let's take a look at it. First, water, water is the most used raw material for brewing beer, and it is the blood of beer. Water affects the characteristics and quality of beer through the production process during brewing. In addition, many processes in malt factories and breweries also need water. Second, the alcohol fermentation in yeast beer is carried out through the action of yeast, so beer brewing must need yeast. The byproducts of yeast also have great influence on the quality of beer. Third, the main raw material for barley beer brewing, commonly known as the heart of beer. Barley is used because it has a high starch content, and the wheat Peel is still attached to the malt after threshing from barley until it is processed into malt, which can form a necessary filter layer in the following production process. Before brewing in breweries, barley must first be converted into malt. Fourth, hops give beer bitter taste, is the soul of beer. It affects the fragrance of beer. The quality of beer depends in particular on the quality of the flowers. We fully understand the characteristics of these four raw materials and their impact on the process, which is the premise of producing beer. Only in this way can we produce beer with a more pure sense of export, beer production equipment manufacturers should also carry out more targeted process control on beer production to better meet the needs of the public in terms of taste. : Beer production equipment
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