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Reasons for unstable filling quantity of beer filling machine and countermeasures

by:Trano     2020-01-08
In view of the unstable filling quantity in the beer filling machine system, trano packaging equipment can analyze the website from two directions of mechanical structure and electrical control, and bring you solutions. I. Cause analysis 1. Mechanical structure liquid distribution system: used to transfer the prepared liquid medicine to a liquid dispenser or a liquid medicine bag. Dispenser: Buffer dispensing integrated tank and closed dispenser. The filling part is mainly composed of rotary valve motor and drive unit, multiple sets of filling motor and drive unit, transmission gear, Roller screw rod and ceramic pump. Needle frame structure: used for tracking and positioning bottles for corresponding filling. 2. The electric control filling machine is carried out through the absolute position control mode of the servo motor, which can be accurately positioned. When the servo motor does not reach the specified position, the servo motor will alarm and stop filling and equipment; At the same time, the control of the rotary valve is the same as that of the filling pump; There are also needle frame reciprocating and lifting control, the above three points belong to electrical control. Second, the response measures please enter the title, from the above, the beer filling machine is not allowed to fill the amount is generally due to drops or bubbles, and the main causes of drops and bubbles and the response measures are as follows: 1. Non-metallic materials are not selected for the sterilization apparatus. During sterilization, the pump rod is in contact with metal materials, and metal materials are adhered to the pump rod, which may easily cause wear of the pump rod, poor air tightness and bubbles during filling. Solution: try to use special sterilization equipment. 2. When the pump is installed, the pump body and the pump rod are mixed, and the gap of the pump does not match, which is easy to cause the pump rod to wear, the air tightness is poor, and bubbles appear during the filling process. Solution: The pump body and pump rod are labeled and not mixed. 3. The installation position of the liquid storage tank, the liquid distributor, the ceramic pump and the needle holder, and the installation position of the buffer tank are too different from the installation position of the ceramic pump. The pressure of the ceramic pump is too large, which is easy to cause the needle drip. Solution: minimize the height difference of the installation position of each component. If it cannot be reduced, add a buffer device between the buffer tank and the pump. 4. The connection between the silicone tube and the liquid distributor and the ceramic pump will not produce bubbles or drip if it is not tightened; Solution: add a check before each boot. If there is any such situation, replace the connector or silicone tube immediately. 5. The connection between the ceramic pump and the rotary valve is too loose or the verticality of the pump is too large, resulting in dripping liquid; Solution: increase the number of tests after each pump is installed. If the connection is too loose, it is recommended to replace it. 6. The rigidity of the filling servo motor itself is insufficient, resulting in slight shaking of the ceramic pump at the later stage of filling, resulting in dripping liquid. Solution: manually adjust the rigidity of the servo motor until it is suitable. 7. The filling speed is too fast, resulting in excessive pressure on the silicone tube, resulting in dripping. Solution: The silicone tube with wall thickness can be changed by reducing the filling speed, changing the acceleration and deceleration of the filling pump or replacing it. 8. The length of the needle holder and the silicone tube is too long, resulting in excessive shaking, resulting in dripping. Solution: fasten the needle holder. If it cannot be tightened, replace the fastener. Reduce the length of the silicone tube as much as possible. If there is still shaking, add a fastener in the middle. 9. Due to the excessive suction volume setting, the liquid medicine returns to the silicone tube, and bubbles are easily generated at the needle opening during the next filling, thus affecting the loading volume (Mainly small size products). Solution: according to different drug processes, increase different back-absorption formulas and call different back-absorption formulas under different conditions. The above is the reason why the filling quantity of beer filling machine is unstable and the countermeasures are taken. I hope the above introduction can help you. 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