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Reasons for water quantity decline of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

by:Trano     2020-03-01
In view of the decline in water volume of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, in addition to finding the source of its cause, it is also necessary to suit the remedy to the case. The reason why the water volume will decline is mainly as follows: ① low pressure operation. ② Compaction of membrane module occurs. (3) the mixing of oil. ④ Reduction in the number of membrane modules. ⑤ Metal oxides and pollutants adhere to the membrane surface. ⑥ Decrease of operating temperature. ⑦ The pressure difference of reverse osmosis device rises during operation. ⑧ Operate under the condition of higher recovery rate. According to the different reasons for the decline of water quantity in reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, different countermeasures should be taken. To avoid this kind of situation from the original. Operate according to the designed benchmark pressure to avoid mortgage operation. When operating under the condition of greatly exceeding the reference pressure, the compaction of the membrane module will occur, and the membrane module must be replaced, which can prevent the compaction of the membrane module. Replace membrane module for water supply to prevent oil from entering. Operate according to the designed number of membrane modules to avoid the reduction of the number of components. Low pressure flushing is carried out every day to prevent corrosion of metal oxides and pollutants to the film. Operate according to the design temperature of 25℃ to keep the operating temperature normal. Improve the operation management of the pretreatment device, improve the water quality of the reverse osmosis, and clean the membrane module with drugs. When operating under the condition of recovery rate of more than 75%, the amount of pus water decreases, thus the concentration ratio of water in the membrane module increases, resulting in the increase of osmotic pressure of water supply and the decrease of water permeation. In severe cases, salt scale will be precipitated on the membrane surface. Water must be produced according to the design recovery rate. It is not terrible to encounter a fault. The key is to find out the cause of the fault and adopt different methods according to different reasons. Then we will not worry about the fault of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment during operation.
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