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Requirements for technical support for selection of beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-02
At present, domestic beer production equipment manufacturers are everywhere, because the production threshold of beer production equipment is very low! ! Many people think that as long as you know how to weld stainless steel tanks, you can produce beer equipment! ! Because the main component of the equipment is the connection between stainless steel tank and pipeline. Therefore, many domestic stainless steel tank manufacturers have expanded their business to the craft beer equipment industry. But is that really the case? Then let's analyze it. First, only understand the welding of the tank. Do you know the design principle of the tank? Second, what is the basis for the design of the height-diameter ratio of a set of equipment tanks? Third, the various tanks of a set of equipment are very porous. What is the reason? 4. Have you considered the precautions for beer brewing in the design process of the tank? Such as grain thickness, filtration time, filtration effect, washing time and flow rate, temperature control, prevention of wort oxidation, pipeline hygiene, boiling strength, steam discharge, etc. 5. What is the principle of taper design of fermentation tank? What are the precautions? What are the precautions for the design of dry throwing devices such as hops? What are the ways of drinking and discharging sewage, and what are the reasons? 6. Is there a reasonable design scheme for the new safety, reliability and selectivity of automation of the control system? The above problems are all things that manufacturers should pay attention to during the production process and when customers purchase equipment. These problems are all due to the support of a company's technical department, so I would like to ask if each manufacturer has its own technical team? Perhaps many manufacturers are still at the stage of making equipment according to their feelings. Technical support for beer production equipment requires manufacturers to have a professional technical team and can design a perfect equipment production plan according to customer's requirements, including: the planning and design of the customer site can meet the equipment plan of various beer brewing processes, the display of 2D 3D equipment use flow chart, the design of equipment production drawings, the production plan List and the reasonable list of equipment accessories in the later stage. planning, research and development and innovation of advanced equipment and technology, etc. In the future, you can easily understand that this manufacturer is suitable for you. We must always remember that we are purchasing craft beer equipment! ! ! Instead of a tank that can store water and heat it! ! ! Professional, cost, price, these three points are opposed to each other! ! Later, we will regularly share the precautions for purchasing equipment and the correlation between equipment and brewing. If you have a friend who is using beer production equipment, you can also leave a message about the maintenance of the equipment, how to solve the problems in the normal use process, and will provide corresponding help. : Beer production equipment
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