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Reverse osmosis

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Reverse osmosis (RO) : Add a higher pressure than the natural osmotic pressure on the side of the concentrated solution, reverse the direction of natural infiltration, and put the water pressure in the solution to the side of the semi-permeable membrane, which is opposite to the normal infiltration process in nature, it is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis (RO)It is a membrane separation technology. It takes pressure as the driving force and uses the selective permeability of reverse osmosis membrane (Can only penetrate water but cannot pass solute) , To achieve the purpose of separating water from various organic and inorganic substances, and to prepare pure water and high purity water. The pore size on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane is generally 0. 5- About 1nm, its aperture is much smaller than the size of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the use of reverse osmosis membrane can remove more than 98% of dissolved solids in water (TDS), 100% of bacteria, viruses. The separation of water by reverse osmosis is physical separation. Therefore, only a small amount of electric energy is consumed to provide the osmotic pressure required for reverse osmosis operation to achieve the purpose of separating water and other particles. Under normal circumstances, electricity consumption per ton of water is 2-8
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