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Reverse osmosis equipment operation steps

by:Trano     2020-03-01
The correct operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment can not only make the equipment play its maximum role, but also effectively prolong the service life of the equipment. Process flow: raw water & rarr; ÀWater inlet electric valve & rarr; ÀRaw Water Tank & rarr; À Raw Water frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system & rarr; ÀQuartz sand filter & rarr; ÀActivated carbon filter & rarr; ÀReducing bactericide addition & rarr; ÀAddition of Scale Inhibitor & rarr; ÀSecurity Filter & rarr; ÀHigh pressure pump & rarr; ÀReverse osmosis membrane module & rarr; ÀPure water tank & rarr; ÀPure water frequency conversion water supply system & rarr; À Water 1. Operation and operation of reverse osmosis device Start A. Set the air switch in the Electric Control Box to the ON position. B. Open the inlet valve of the reverse osmosis main engine and the primary RO drain valve. Check whether the whole inlet pipe is unobstructed. On the running electric cabinet, the handle is automatically switched to the manual state, and the working switch is turned to the running state. At this time, the raw water tank may overflow. C. Press'Start of raw water pump ( The two original water pumps are changed every day under normal conditions. The running original water pump should be opened before the pump and the valve after the pump is opened, and the valve that is not running should be closed)'Button, the raw water pump starts after 5 seconds. D. After 3 minutes, start the first-stage high-pressure pump ( At this time, ensure that the pretreatment tank and precision filter gas have been drained). E. Adjust the inlet valve and the outlet valve of concentrated water, close the first-level RO drain valve, and adjust the pressure in front of the membrane to the specified value (Set 1MPA) , And the flow rate is maintained at the rated flow rate of 70m 3/h. F, secondary water production, to ensure that the first-level pure water tank is at high water level, to ensure smooth pipelines, start the secondary high-pressure pump. G. After starting, pay attention to the pre-membrane pressure, post-Membrane Pressure, pressure difference before and after the membrane, water production flow and concentrated water flow of the reverse osmosis device. H, turn on level 1 before shutting down (Level II) RO drain valve, flush for at least 3 minutes, pressure and flow are reduced, can be closed level (Level II)High pressure pump, raw water pump. Note: for the element with protective liquid, it must be guaranteed that the low-pressure flushing is not less than 6 hours before it is enabled, otherwise it will affect the water yield. Stop the Machine ▲ adjust the pressure regulating valve to reduce the pre-Membrane Pressure to 0. 5MP (Some high-pressure pumps cannot do this) , Make the system run at low pressure for about 10 minutes. ▲ Close the high-pressure pump continue to run 10 minutes
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