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Reverse osmosis host description

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Reverse osmosis host includes the following parts: 1. Reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis membrane is the core component, made of polyamide, and the reverse osmosis membrane model is BW30 of DOW company in the United States-365. 2. Reverse osmosis membrane shell is equipped with reverse osmosis membrane made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. 3. The high-pressure pump supplies water to the reverse osmosis membrane and provides the water and pressure required for the reverse osmosis membrane to work. The material is 304 stainless steel. 4. Outlet control valve and concentrated water control valve outlet control valve are used to adjust the outlet pressure and flow of high-pressure pump to meet the design requirements. The concentrated water regulating valve adjusts the amount of concentrated water discharged to control the amount of purified water. Note that the valve must not be completely closed at any time when the reverse osmosis equipment is working. When the equipment is debugged, the valve does not need to be turned again. 5, water and electricity (Dynamic)Magnetic valve, flushing electricity (Dynamic)Magnetic valve inlet electromagnetic (Dynamic) The valve is used to control the water inflow of the high-pressure pump. When the water inflow reaches the flow and lift required by the high-pressure pump, the water inflow electromagnetism (Dynamic)The valve opens. Flush electromagnetic (Dynamic) The valve is used to flush the reverse osmosis membrane. When the reverse osmosis host is turned on each time, the reverse osmosis controller controls the flushing electromagnetic (Dynamic) The valve is automatically opened, automatically closed after the flushing, and the reverse osmosis equipment is flushed once after 4 hours of continuous work. 6. The concentrated water flowmeter and the water purification flowmeter measure the concentrated water and the purified water flow respectively, and the unit is LPM (L/min) , The conversion formula is: 1 ton of water = 1000 litres, 1 ton/hour = 1000 litres/60 Minutes = 16. 7 L/min (That is 16. 7LPM) 7. Inlet pressure gauge, outlet pressure gauge indicating filter and reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) When working, the outlet water pressure is generally not more than 0. 4Mpa; The inlet and outlet water pressure of RO membrane shall not exceed 2. 0Mp. 8. Switches and indicator lights are used to control equipment and indicate each state of equipment.
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