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Teach everyone to correctly extend the service life of beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-23
As we all know, the simple understanding of beer production equipment refers to some equipment for beer production. They are favored by consumers in the market due to their advantages of high Control Precision, strong overload capacity and convenient maintenance, it has attracted many manufacturers to come and buy, so how much do you know about it? Do you know how to extend the service life of this equipment? What are the tricks? Below, Shandong trano, a filling machine manufacturer, will introduce it to you below, hoping to help you. 1. The crushing system of the whole equipment uses the correct crushing method. The malt should not be too wet, so that the grinding disc of the pulverizer has more viscous materials. After each crushing, clean up the impurities in the grinding disc. During normal operation, if the pulverizer has thick materials, it should be cleaned up before crushing. 2, fermentation system (1) When fermentation, pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation tank, do not operate under overpressure. (2) When cooling, can not rapidly cool down, causing the inner wall to freeze. (3) The outer wall of the fermentation tank should be cleaned regularly, and the outer wall should be cleaned every time the operation is completed. (4) Each fermentation instrument is inspected once a year to ensure that each instrument is normal, so as to avoid operational errors and damage to the inside of the tank. (5) Internal pickling is carried out regularly to remove the beer stones in the tank. 3. Control system (1)It is recommended to install a cooling fan and vent in the control cabinet. (2) First of all to ensure that the voltage is within the normal range, the voltage can not be too large; After the original electrical appliance is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; The control cabinet should be separated and kept dry. 4, saccharification system (1) When filtration is difficult to filter, loosen the grain layer and then start the stirrer. Do not start the stirring appliance hard. (2) When heating, pay attention to the water to overflow the heating tube or the heating wall. (4) Wort pump: the valve cannot be opened. It is small. It is easy for the motor to burn out. (3) After the operation is completed, the appearance should be cleaned. If there is much dirt, it cannot be scrubbed with hard articles to avoid damaging the outer wall of the tank. 5. Under the condition that the refrigeration system does not affect the heat dissipation, the canopy is covered; When using a medium temperature machine, the temperature of ice water cannot be lowered too low and controlled within a reasonable range; Avoid the refrigerator working for a long time and take corresponding protection measures. 6, the overall equipment operating environment should be cleaned every day, to maintain the external health of the tank; Regular maintenance of instruments and meters. Regular maintenance of control system; Regular maintenance of equipment, check whether the mechanical joint is lack of lubricating oil, etc; Achieve minor maintenance in January 1 and one year maintenance. I believe that after reading the six tips about correctly extending the service life of beer production equipment introduced by the above-mentioned filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano, we have a deeper understanding and cognition of beer equipment, I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone. It is suggested that everyone should carry out regular maintenance to prolong their service life as much as possible.
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