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Teach you some precautions to use beer barrel

by:Trano     2019-12-11
? In the hot summer, how can beer be lost? Beer can not only quench thirst, but also not easily intoxicating. Nowadays, the beer industry is developing rapidly, but how much do you know about its equipment? Beer barrel cleaning machine is a kind of beer barrel equipment. Do you know any precautions when using beer barrel cleaning equipment? Today, Yantai beer barrel manufacturers come to briefly analyze it for everyone. Let's take a look below. 1. The clamps at the pipe connection of the equipment should be inspected regularly. If there is any looseness, tighten it in time to prevent it from falling off during operation. 2. Check the wall of the filter tube for intactness before use to avoid the liquid splashing caused by the rupture caused by the external force. 3. After the equipment is installed, each device needs to be grounded to ensure that the ground is intact. 4. Check whether the pipeline valve is in the correct opening and closing state before opening the pump each time to avoid the pipeline being blocked and the system pressure being too high. 5. Don't get up quickly when squatting down the fermentation tank. Always avoid touching the wine head. 6. The terminal of the heating pipe should be checked frequently to prevent the risk of electric shock caused by water leakage. 7. When wiring the terminal of the heating pipe, you need to use a wire nose connection to ensure a firm connection. 8. When the hose is connected to the joint, the clamp must be caught in the groove of the connector. Make sure the connection is tight. 9, the moment the grinder starts, people must be a certain distance from the equipment. 10. Regularly check whether the screws of the heating pipe terminals are loose. If they are loose, tighten them in time to avoid danger caused by poor contact and fire. 11. Before cleaning the turnover barrel, the pressure inside the barrel must be emptied before unloading the winegrass, so as to avoid bouncing and endangering personal safety due to the excessive pressure in the barrel. 12. Check whether the heating pipe connection line is overheating during operation. If it is overheating, cut off the power and replace the wire group in time. 13. In case of sudden power failure, all pipeline valves and electric switches should be closed to prevent accidental injury caused by sudden call. 14, when boiling, the operator should always observe the boiling state in the pot to avoid wort overflow. 15. When the valve is open, the outlet must not face the person, so as to prevent the spray of hot liquid or hot alkali from splashing on the person.
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