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Technical management of beer barrel cleaning machine

by:Trano     2020-01-11
In order to improve the scientific nature of the maintenance and management of beer barrel cleaning machines, the staff should specify various standards of beer barrel cleaning machines and the main parameters of detailed cleaning machines, that is, their key dimensions, in order to be able to purchase the corresponding parts and accessories according to the parameter standard. For example, the tooth distance standard and tooth type standard of screws have high reference value, but cannot be too limited to the original standard, this requires full recognition that there are some non-standard parts in many beer barrel cleaning machines. At the same time, there is a certain error in the matching degree between these parts and the whole beer equipment. When surveying and mapping these non-standard parts, it is necessary to add labels and pay attention to their key dimensions and matching dimensions, in order to ensure that the processed parts can meet the actual requirements. For example, when the belt roller is disassembled, the damage is more serious, which is mainly due to bearing damage or serious wear and tear with the matching position, even in the case of serious wear and tear, the bearing seat is damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the matching relationship between the roller, bearing, bearing seat, retaining ring and mandrel, in order to obtain the size parameters that cannot be obtained by conventional mapping, thus effectively improving the use efficiency and service life of the beer barrel cleaning machine. : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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