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Technology leading smart barrel beer

by:Trano     2019-12-02
Come to beer kegs can also become so smart! On April 22nd, the new product of TRANS Beer, Black Lion Puree Intelligence 1.0, was held in Hangzhou. At the conference, TRano Beer launched the first smart barrel beer in China. This is a barrel puree beer with automatic temperature and pressure adjustment function. It is mainly targeted at ultra-high-end consumer groups and will be listed in Zhejiang Province. In the context of consumer upgrades and industry transformation, TRANO is accelerating the deployment of ultra-high-end markets with differentiated products. Domestic technology leading smart barrel beer The so-called smart beer keg refers to a temperature sensor and a pressure sensing device provided in the beer keg, which monitor and adjust the temperature in the beer keg in real time and keep the air pressure in the keg constant. These two are the key indicators to ensure the freshness and killing power of beer. The black lion puree smart 1.0 barrel contains puree beer, which has not been sterilized at high temperature, retains live yeast and a variety of nutrients, and the wine is fresh and refreshing, with a unique taste. ? The black lion original pulp intelligent 1.0 barrel is equipped with an electronic display, which allows consumers to know the temperature and pressure of the wine in the barrel in real time. The safety valve configured in the intelligent barrel can better ensure the transportation and extreme weather of the barrel. safety. ? It is worth mentioning that in terms of user interaction experience, the pursuit of perfection of the black lion puree has specially adopted a professional wine faucet, which can not only control the flow of pouring wine, but also control the fineness of the foam, which brings different consumer preferences for drinking. More options. ? This patented smart beer keg developed by Black Lion is still rare in China, and it can be described as a 'black technology' beer keg. As a brand-new product launched for the high-end crowd with new product development concepts, new product brewing technologies, and new product marketing models, Black Lion Pure Intelligence 1.0 not only broke through its own technical barriers, but also achieved with users. Modern information convergence. ? At the tasting session, Wang Jiangqun, the first beer national mouth, introduced: 'The process of tasting the black lion puree is like a journey of returning to the tongue. In visual experience, it is different from the clear and transparent beer liquid that was emphasized in the past. Protein and other substances, the puree beer liquid appears turbid. The black lion puree can immediately feel the original umami taste, and the next is a mellow, authentic, refreshing endless aftertaste. ' ? It is known to all that raw beer beer has very strict requirements for storage and transportation conditions. It will deteriorate quickly under aerobic conditions at room temperature, and its shelf life is short, so it cannot be safely introduced to the market. The smart barrel pioneered by Black Lion Puree has given its own solution to the above problems. The Black Lion smart wine barrel seems to directly move the fermentation tanks of the beer factory to consumers, allowing the public to drink only the sommelier is brewing The beer you can only drink during the tasting session. ? As a very sincere and ingenious product, it is not difficult to interpret the black lion puree's respect and attention to the taste of every consumer. Black Lion Pure Intelligence 1.0 is a product that provides consumers with new consumption choices, brings new experiences and feelings, and meets personalized needs. It is bound to bring a new wave of ultra-high-end beer consumption in Zhejiang. ? Impress ultra-high-end market segments with differentiated products From the tasting session, we can understand that the black lion original pulp intelligent 1.0 has a single barrel capacity of 19L, which is mainly targeted at the ultra-high-end market segment. It will gradually be sold in high-end restaurants in Zhejiang province. In addition, Black Lion Puree has also specially tailored exclusive Black Lion beer mugs and other related accessories. ? In fact, with the upgrading of beer consumption, consumer demand is more diversified and quality, the Chinese beer industry has entered a new qualitative change era from the post-quantity change era, and the brand has transformed from the mainstream to personality and high-end. ? In the face of increasingly demanding markets and consumers, the Black Lion Raw Pulp Smart 1.0 product introduced at this tasting is a big step for Black Lion to try to impress the ultra-high-end market with differentiated products in the region. In particular, smart barrel beer is still rare in the Zhejiang market, and it is bound to gain extraordinary market attention. This is not only a supplement to the Zhejiang ultra-high-end beer market, but also a new trend of Zhejiang regional companies' efforts to personalize their products.
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