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Ten points needing attention in using self-brewed beer equipment in filling machine factory

by:Trano     2019-12-21
Nowadays, beer production equipment is becoming more and more popular, especially self-brewed beer equipment. How much do you think about it? As we all know, beer can not be drunk, but also beauty, do you think its role is not small. Do you know what to pay attention to when using self-brewed beer equipment? Next, Shandong trano, a beer filling machine manufacturer, will introduce it to you, hoping to help you. 1. The equipment is not used for a long time. Please clean the equipment thoroughly before stopping using it. After the water flow is clean, close the valves. Before using the equipment for a long time, please clean the equipment thoroughly and wash it several times. 2, equipment cleaning is strictly prohibited to use Cl-Detergent or disinfectant. 3. Regularly check whether there are foreign matters and impurities in the hopper of the pulverizer, check whether the fasteners on the pulverizer are loose, the tightness of the transmission belt of the pulverizer and the reliability of the safety protection devices. Regularly clean the grinding roller of the pulverizer. 4. Check all pipeline valves at any time. If leakage is found, repair or replace them in time. 5. Beer filling machine manufacturers suggest that you regularly check the wiring and grounding of each motor and pump to ensure correct wiring. Check the oil level of the deceleration motor and hydraulic device, and add lubricating oil to the stirring motor regularly according to the instructions. Regularly check whether the joints of mixing and ploughing knives are fastened. The pumps used shall not be idling or reversing, and the pump seal shall be replaced in time when leakage is found. 6, saccharification equipment should be washed with water in time after each use. 7. Regularly check whether the pressure gauges and safety valves of the equipment are normal and ensure the smooth flow of the drain valve; When the equipment is running, warning signs should be hung on the top of high-temperature pipelines such as steam and wort and saccharification equipment to prevent burns. 8, equipment Process Pipeline, exhaust pipe is strictly prohibited to grab and climb. 9. Check the instrument indication on the switchboard frequently. Mercury (Or alcohol) Thermometer calibrates temperature to ensure accuracy of process parameters. 10. When the equipment is shut down for maintenance, it should be powered off and steam cut off and warning signs should be hung. Beer filling machine manufacturers suggest that you should pay attention to the above ten points when using self-brewed beer equipment. After reading, do you have a better understanding of beer production equipment, I hope that the above content can help everyone. In addition, it is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain it to extend its service life. : Beer filling machine
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