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The application of beer production equipment should be strictly implemented

by:Trano     2020-01-03
Every beer production equipment has strict operating rules, and the operators should be familiar with and master it. The operators should not violate the operating rules, regulations and regulations. Operators must go through beer equipment operation training before they take up their posts. Only after passing the examination can they formally take up their posts. New employees should have old employees to guide them when they are on duty, and they can only take up their posts alone when they are skilled in operation. In this process, new employees should constantly learn how to avoid beer production equipment safety accidents and how to correctly handle beer equipment safety accidents so as to continuously reduce equipment safety accidents. Operators are not allowed to blindly drive fast to improve the running speed of beer equipment in order to reduce the safety accidents of beer production equipment caused by too fast a speed. Managers cannot only consider the completion of production tasks, violate operating rules and issue wrong orders, resulting in safety accidents during the operation of beer production equipment. Operators should concentrate on their work and not do anything unrelated to their work. When the operators work, other personnel should not disturb and distract their attention. : Beer production equipment
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