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The birth of the space barrel makes selling barrel

by:Trano     2019-12-11
Compared with traditional stainless steel wine barrels, the space barrel does not need to be empty, cleaned and carbon dioxide gas cylinders, which not only guarantees the original taste of barrel beer, but also breaks through the limitations of traditional barrel beer in areas, channels and distances. Not only that, the shelf life of 4 times that of steel barrels gives beer an advantage in terminal sales. While the space bucket brings convenience, the pressure control is much higher than that of the steel bucket, so the distributor with a pressure relief valve is a standard feature of using the space bucket. However, most of the A-type distributors currently on the market do not have a pressure relief valve, and the user picks up the distributor and connects it to the wine barrel, which poses a huge safety hazard. In order to eliminate hidden dangers, trano carried out a disruptive design. In order to prevent the connection of the distributor without a pressure relief valve, trano has developed a T-shaped space bucket and a T-type distributor with a pressure relief valve to completely eliminate the use of a pressure distributor without a pressure relief valve on the space barrel. In addition, the well structure of the T-type dispenser is completely removed when the spear bounces up during the plug-in process of the dispenser. The overall seal is better, which is very conducive to the preservation of wine quality and allows users to enjoy Space buckets bring the ultimate experience while avoiding security risks. Starting in 2019, trano space bucket A bucket will be fully upgraded to T bucket, Make space buckets safer. Bring great benefits to everyone here Customers who have entered A-type barrels can enjoy a promotional activity of giving T-type distributors at a ratio of 100 to 1 according to the total quantity of A-type barrels when they enter T-type barrels for the first time. From April 8th to December 31st, 2019, all customers who enter the T-shaped space bucket will receive 1 T-shaped distributor for every 100 barrels. The maximum amount of promotion for a single customer can be 5,000 barrels (during the promotion period) Can be accumulated, that is, A customer, the first time you enter 150 barrels, you can send a T-type distribution period, the excess 50 can be accumulated to the next purchase quantity).
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