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The core of beer filling machine--Canned valve

by:Trano     2020-01-09
Everything has its core. Like us human beings, the heart is our core, and the beer filling machine also has its core. Only when there is a valve can it be organic; The machine is divided with the valve. The progress of filling technology is mainly reflected in the technical performance of valves, not the number of valves. The key to improve the level of filling technology is to carry out the research on single valve technology of filling valve. So, today we will discuss the working principle of the core filling valve of beer filling machine. After the China international beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition in 2000, I have commented on the differences between foreign and domestic exhibits. Foreign exhibitors mainly display technology, however, domestic exhibitors mainly show their processing capacity and manufacturing level. This shows that Chinese enterprises have not really become the main body of technological development and innovation. In our country's media and professional conferences, we can often see and hear some statements that the increase in the number of filling valves is publicized as technological progress, and manufacturers also advertise with it, it seems that the more filling heads, the more advanced the filling technology, and the faster the filling flow rate. In fact, regardless of the number of valves, the working state and process are the same for each filling valve. The increase in the number of valves is only due to the large diameter of the wine tank, and the required power and transmission are somewhat changed, there is no progress in filling technology. The so-called high speed of high-speed filling refers to the increase of tangent speed in and out of bottles and the increase of the number of bottles filled per unit time. However, the angular velocity of the filling machine is the same, that is, every filling- The time required for a bottle of beer has not changed, and for each filling valve, it is still a turn-The circle completes the filling process. The real change is the conveying system. High-speed pressure-free conveying and non-blocking conveying systems are the core technologies of high-speed filling. As long as the function and structure of the filling valve are the same, the technical performance of the filling valve is the same- For each filling valve, excluding machining and assembly errors should be exactly the same in theory. It is the filling valve itself, not the number of valves, that determines the filling quality and technical level. For example, KHS and KRONES in Germany are classified by the function and structure of filling valves and form their own product series; However, most domestic enterprises make an issue of the number of heads and have not yet formed a series of products with valves as the core technology. At present, in China, as far as I know, only Nanqing's external mechanical filling valve has better performance than other existing mechanical valves and is the only core filling technology with its own intellectual property rights. For this reason, I wrote an article in the relevant newspapers and periodicals two years ago to publicize this innovative achievement. Continuous innovation, improving the level of industrial production and realizing China's creation are the core of China's industry. Just like the core canned valve of beer filling machine, we also need to constantly innovate its technology and filling technology, in this way, the efficiency of filling beer can be improved as a whole. : Beer filling machine
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