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The correct operation method of pop can filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-12
Can filling machine is widely used in the beer and beverage industry, and the filling work of the whole beer and beverage industry needs to use can filling equipment, in the process of using the can filling machine, it is often encountered that the filling efficiency and filling accuracy of the can filling machine are greatly reduced due to the wrong operation method, and the serious wrong operation will also cause the cans filling equipment to be scrapped in advance, this shows that it is very important to master the correct operation method of pop can filling machine. The correct operation method of pop can filling machine: 1. Before using pop can filling machine, you need to carefully read the instruction manual to ensure the correct operation of beer filling machine. 2. Place the pop can filling machine safely and fix it. 3. Use DN25 pressure-resistant hose to connect the liquid inlet of the isobaric filling machine with the beer buffer tank (Wine tank)Liquid outlet, solid and reliable connection; The carbon dioxide air inlet of the isobaric filling machine (Outer diameter: 8mmPU tube) Connect with the backup pressure pipe of the beer buffer tank to ensure that the filling pressure of the filling machine is consistent with the pressure in the beer buffer tank. 4. Connect the power supply (Single phase 220 V), Compressed air source (Air source pressure shall not be less than 0. 4 MPa) , With an outer diameter of 10mmPU tube, please add about 2/3 cup of sewing machine oil to the right oil cup of air source processor afc2000. 5. Adjust the filling height according to the height of the filling barrel or bottle. The height of the bottle mouth should be the same as that of the air inlet of the filling valve (Return air hose) The lower mouth is flat or low 1 ~ 5mm, polyester bottle can be used as a special bottle rack, which can be adjusted at one time according to the height of the bottle mouth. The correct use and operation method of Can filling machine is a must for every beverage enterprise. Only by mastering the correct use method of filling equipment can more value be created for the enterprise, the above is the detailed introduction of the correct use and operation method of the can filling machine. For specific use and operation methods, you can refer to the instruction manual of the can filling machine and check whether the equipment is running normally, only in this way can the enterprise reduce unnecessary losses.
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