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The development of self-brewed beer production equipment in China!

by:Trano     2019-12-17
The main raw materials for producing self-brewed beer are malt, hops, yeast and water. Since the on-site brewing and on-site consumption of self-brewed beer production equipment do not add any additives, bottled beer cannot be compared with it. It is a real whole Malt Brewing original, all-natural beer. Self-brewed beer contains protein compounds, trace elements, various antioxidant groups and minerals, as well as various inorganic ions, such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. 1. The investment is small and the effect is quick. It is used for general operation. The investment for equipment with an output of less than 1 ton is from 5- 150 thousand yuan, well-managed investment recovery speed is very fast, the total investment of beer equipment with a output of 1 ton is 15- About 250 thousand yuan, the investment can be recovered and profitable in the current year, while large breweries often invest tens of millions or hundreds of millions. 2, unique technology, high quality beer, due to micro-equipment on-site Brewing, on-site consumption, it can be brewed without bacteria infection system, without filtration, without high temperature treatment, without any additives, and can be brewed with whole malt. Therefore, of course, the taste is purer, fresher, more nutritious and more reliable. In particular, the production process is not effective. Any bottled beer can't be compared with it. It is truly original, all-natural beer, which is the best of beer. 3, Four Seasons production, complete varieties, due to small scale, flexible production, it can not only produce black beer, yellow beer, red beer, spirulina green beer, low-grade Lady's fruity fresh beer, but also warm and fresh beer in winter hot pot. 4. The sales are convenient and the market prospect is good. Due to the small output, the hotel is mainly self-sufficient. If there is any surplus, it can also be sold to surrounding hotels and families to avoid accidents caused by bottled injuries. Not only can it be built in urban restaurants, but it can also be developed into densely populated villages and market towns in the vast rural areas. The development of self-brewed beer in China is the general trend and cannot be replaced by any other beer. Foreign fresh beer accounts for more than 50% of the highest market share. If China's fresh beer can account for 20% of the market share, there will be nearly home-brewed breweries in China. With self-brewed beer production equipment, the hotel has its own brewery and its own brand of beer, which is one of the hotel's unique and important hardware facilities, thus greatly increasing the hotel's popularity, strengthening the competitive strength is more conducive to the planning and publicity of advertisements and images, and establishing one's own hotel brand. :
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